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Island Class Ferries 2022

The Latest News

We awarded a contract for the construction of four more hybrid electric Island Class ferries. Once completed, they will service Quadra Island and Gabriola Island. Read the press release below:

Recent engagement

In February we held community drop-in sessions to introduce communities to the Island Class vessels and talk about related changes.

You can view the information presented at these sessions by clicking the links below:

You can also read the summary of what we heard at these events here:

A New Tie-up Berth at Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island

We are excited to be preparing for two-ship service on Quadra Island with the recent purchase of 733 Pidcock Road near the existing ferry terminal to house a night tie-up berth for a new second ferry. The tie-up berth will be used only for storing the second ferry when it is not in use. Crew will be boarding and debarking at this location, but there will be no vehicle access to the ferry from this point.

We will start initial testing at the site in May as part of our construction preparations. Our first step is geotechnical investigation of the seabed condition. Neighbours and those in the area may notice marine rigs and test pile driving. The work is expected to take two days and will be confined to weekday, day time hours. Crews will not be visiting or staying on the Island to minimize the risk to Quadra Island residents.

The berth will include:
  • Floating lead and wingwall structures.
  • A small, gated crew access gangway.
  • A utility shed and limited parking spaces for service vehicles.
  • Shore power and localized lighting for critical areas like utility spaces and the gangway.

We are committed to working closely with our neighbours in the area to ensure we mitigate noise and disruption during berth construction and daily operations. We expect that once in place, the impact of the new tie-up berth will be minimal. There will be limited departures and arrivals of the vessel, no vehicle traffic on or off the vessel, no standard PA announcements at the berth, and with the presence of shore power, no need to run ships' engines overnight.

In order to construct the new tie-up berth, a number of regulatory reviews and approvals are required, including rezoning the land and water lot through a rezoning and OCP amendment process with the Strathcona Regional District. Environmental and archeological permits are also underway. More information on the formal rezoning and OCP amendment process will be posted to this page as it becomes available.

View information on the SRD’s formal rezoning and OCP amendment process:

Related Terminal Development Plans

You may also be interested in learning more about these related terminal development projects:

Improved Service to Communities

The new Island Class ferries will improve service to communities by: Providing more frequent service, with sailings roughly every half-hour Increasing passenger capacity from 400 to 600 passengers per hour Increasing vehicle capacity from 60 to 94 vehicles per hour Reducing line-ups and improving safety and congestion on local roads Providing more convenience and choice in sailing times for customers Eliminating the need to increase the size of our terminal compounds (moving more traffic through the same amount of space)

Community Input on Two-Ship Services

In the summer of 2018 we asked community members and customers what kind of service they would prefer, one larger ferry that provides similar sailing frequency as the current service, or two smaller ferries with increased sailing frequency. This is what we heard:
View the full engagement results View Quadra Island engagement results View Gabriola Island engagement results View the compiled engagement results

Learn more about the Island Class Design

Get an overview of the Island Class design

What will happen to the Powell River Queen and the Bowen Queen?

Both the Powell River Queen and the Bowen Queen will be retired from service.

Questions, concerns, or need more information?

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