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Missing or damaged baggage

If your bags are lost, delayed or damaged during your travel with us, follow these steps:
  1. Advise the customer service desk or a member of BC Ferries’ staff at the terminal as soon as possible
  2. If you have lost baggage, please complete a Lost Baggage Tracer form at the terminal
    • If your baggage is found, we will work with you to get it returned
    • If your baggage is not found after three days, we will review video surveillance footage and contact you within five days (from when you submit your tracer form) to provide you an update. If it appears your baggage was stolen, we will advise you to contact the Police to file a report.
If your baggage is damaged, delayed or lost for more than five days, download, complete and submit a Notice of Baggage Claim form (below).
PDF 171 KB | 4 pages
Important: Notice of Baggage Claim forms must be submitted within seven days of the incident.

Compensation and claims process

Baggage compensation
BC Ferries will compensate for:
  • Reasonable value of your baggage and its contents that are lost or damaged due to negligence by BC Ferries

BC Ferries will not compensate for:
  • Any items that are fragile, and/or valuable, and/or perishable
  • Money, jewellery, silverware, negotiable papers, securities, business documents, prototypes, electronics and office equipment
  • Expenses incurred because baggage was delayed
  • Baggage scratches, zipper damage, manufacturing defects, dents, nicks, missing/torn straps handles, scuffs, soiling, wheels, locks, torn seams
  • Normal baggage wear and tear
  • Baggage damage as a result of adverse weather conditions
Claims process
  • Complete and submit the Notice of Baggage Claim form (submission instructions can be found on the form)
  • Once we have received the completed Notice of Baggage Claim form, we will send you an acknowledgement email or letter within two weeks
  • We may request receipts for lost items
  • A decision will be made as to what compensation is payable
  • If our investigation indicates your baggage was stolen, we will advise you to contact the Police to file a report

PDF 171 KB | 4 pages