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Safety First - Inter Island Vessels

At BC Ferries, passenger safety is our highest priority. In every way, the Corporation either meets or exceeds the safety standards established by Transport Canada. From vessel design and operation, to crew training and rescue equipment, you can rest assured that BC Ferries puts safety first.

Emergency Signals

The following signals are used to alert crew members to an emergency:

  • Fire - a continuous ringing of the alarm bell.
  • Person Overboard - three long soundings of the whistle and general alarm bell. In Person Overboard situations, never crowd outer decks where rescue operations are underway.
  • Boat/Raft Stations - seven (or more) short soundings followed by one long sounding of the ship's whistle and/or alarm bell.

Signals will be followed by an announcement explaining the nature of the emergency. If you hear a signal, don't panic. Our crew will take immediate charge of the situation, and let you know exactly what to do.

Safety Equipment

Smaller Vessels in the BC Ferries fleet carry full complement of safety equipment. From life jackets and life rafts, to fire extinguishers and detectors, you can rest assured that each of our ships carry the appropriate complement of gear to ensure the safety of every passenger on board.

Prepared for Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, please move away from the areas of concern and always follow the instructions of ship's personnel.

The information contained here applies to Minor Route Vessels only. Locations and complement of safety equipment on other vessels will vary.

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