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Thru fares between Vancouver (Tsawwassen) – Southern Gulf Islands

With a thru fare, you can travel between Vancouver (Tsawwassen) and the Southern Gulf Islands via a connection at Victoria (Swartz Bay). This option is available for all passenger and vehicle types, to provide alternative sailing times at the same price as a direct sailing with a valid thru fare ticket. Connections are not guaranteed and customers arriving late or for a sailing that is full will be required to wait for the next available sailing.

Your thru fare ticket must be used for the next available sailing after you arrive at Victoria (Swartz Bay). If you arrive after the last scheduled sailing to your destination has departed, use your ticket for any sailing scheduled before noon the next day.

Saver and Prepaid fares cannot be used towards thru fare travel. Customers who arrive at the terminal with a Saver or Prepaid fare and intend to travel thru fare will not receive a refund for the booking, and will have to purchase an At Terminal fare (if required).

How to travel with a thru fare

Vancouver (Tsawwassen) to Southern Gulf Islands
  • When you arrive at Vancouver (Tsawwassen), advise the ticket agent of your final Southern Gulf Islands destination.
  • The ticket agent will provide you with a thru fare voucher and hanger for your rear-view mirror.
  • If possible, staff will place thru fare vehicles from Vancouver (Tsawwassen) in lanes that will be unloaded early at Victoria (Swartz Bay).
  • When you arrive at Victoria (Swartz Bay), follow directions on the back of your hanger to get your ticket for a sailing to the Southern Gulf Islands. You will need to present your thru fare voucher at the Swartz Bay ticket booth.
Southern Gulf Islands to Vancouver (Tsawwassen)
  • For travel from Salt Spring Island (Fulford Harbour), thru fare vouchers are available for purchase at the onboard kiosk in passenger lounge #4 (exact change or credit card only accepted).
  • For travel from Galiano Island, Mayne Island, Pender Island or Saturna Island, thru fare vouchers are available at the terminal ticket booth or from any staff member on board.
  • When you disembark at Victoria (Swartz Bay), the voucher will allow you to purchase your Victoria (Swartz Bay) to Vancouver (Tsawwassen) transfer ticket at the thru fare rate.


To reserve travel between Vancouver (Tsawwassen) and Victoria (Swartz Bay), book your vehicle online. Saver and Prepaid fares are not valid towards thru fare travel; ensure you select the Reservation Only fare option.

Travel on sailings between Victoria (Swartz Bay) and the Southern Gulf Islands is based on order of arrival at the terminal and cannot be booked in advance.


Pender Island and Saturna Island

Reservation fee reimbursement is available on select sailings from Vancouver (Tsawwassen) to Pender or Saturna Islands at Victoria (Swartz Bay) ticket booth when you present the receipt and voucher to the ticket agent:

  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) to Pender Island, 5:00 pm sailing Saturday
  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) to Saturna Island, 7:00 am sailing and 5:00 pm sailing Monday through Friday and 1:00 pm Sundays
  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) to Saturna Island 1:00 pm Monday to Friday no reservation fee reimbursement is available
  • Advise the Tsawwassen ticket agent of your reservation to Victoria (Swartz Bay) and of your final Southern Gulf Island destination.
  • You will receive three documents: a booking redemption receipt, a receipt for your vehicle and/or passenger fares and a thru fare voucher.
  • Present your booking redemption receipt and thru fare voucher to the ticket agent in order to be refunded the reservation fee and to be ticketed to your final destination.
Printable thru fare schedule – Southern Gulf Islands
Open the PDF file below and print:
Effective May 6 - June 28, 2022

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