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FOI archive

You can find responses to the Freedom of Information requests for general records completed between one and three years ago. For privacy reasons, requests for personal information are not posted.

To locate a specific request or keyword, open the relevant year below and then use Ctrl-F on your keyboard or Command-F on a Mac to bring up a search box for typing your search request.

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FOI 2020

Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
20-001 The dates, exact or approximate, of specified executives’ round-trips (if any) on BC Ferries Route 55 between French Creek and False Bay in his/her executive capacity. Individual View details
20-003 The complete proposal, including proposed cost in Canadian Dollars, of the winning bidder who responded to BC Ferries RFP 01-07-2019. Individual View details
20-005 The sailing times and dates where overloads were experienced on the Vesuvius/Crofton and Fulford/Swartz Bay routes (in both directions) in 2018. Individual View details
20-006 Sailing delays on sailings from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay from December 1, 2013 to October 31, 2017 Individual View details
  1. A copy of the submission made by West Coach Launch Ltd. in response to the 2010 Request for Proposal by BC Ferries (RFP 12-06-2010) for the provision of Marine Transportation Services between French Creek on Vancouver Island and False Bay on Lasqueti Island.
  2. Any and all correspondence between BC Ferries and West Coast Launch Ltd., with respect to acknowledgement of the proposal, request for additional information, and decision on the contract award.
  3. Any and all internal correspondence by BC Ferries executives or other personnel with respect to reviews of the proposals to the RFP made by West Coast Launch Ltd. and by Western Pacific Marine.
Individual View details
20-010 Specified details regarding Article 9.03 of the Coastal Ferry Services Contract and whether BC Ferries has given notice to the Province that its operator contract with Western Pacific Marine for passenger ferry service on unregulated Route 55 is set to end March 31, 2020. Individual View details
  1. The per-unit cost of the cable system for the Denman Island ferry.
  2. The name of the cable vendor.
Media View details
20-012 Specified information regarding the cables used for the Baynes Sound Connector. Individual View details
20-013 Further to request FOI-2020-010, please provide any correspondence between BC. Ferries and Western Pacific Marine with respect to contract expiry or contract renewal. Individual View details
20-020 All scheduled and actual departure times for Route 3 (Langdale to Horseshoe Bay) from June 19 - 21, 2019. Pettit & Company View details
20-021 Regarding the Baynes Sound Connector:
  1. From February 2016 to October, 2019, dates, times and reasons for cancellation of scheduled sailings or departures delayed by more than 30 minutes.
  2. Dates and times when sailings were disrupted by debris or logs picked up by the cables or conflict with other vessels.
  3. Dates and times when the vessel was not available for emergency sailings due to repairs and maintenance.
Individual View details
20-022 All records relating to communication strategy or messaging regarding any alleged assault that took place on the Coastal Celebration on October 22, 2019. CBC Vancouver View details
  1. Dates the 8:00 a.m. sailing from Denman West to Buckley Bay was overloaded during the work week from the launch of Hornby Island priority loading project to November 12, 2019.
  2. Gross revenue from ticket sales on the Baynes Sound Connector from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.
Individual View details
20-025 All correspondence between BC Ferries Services Inc. and Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena from July 17, 2017 to the present. Times Colonist View details
20-026 Regarding RFP 07/08/2019 Unregulated Routes, specifically as it relates to ferry service on Route 55. Please provide:
  1. The number of respondents for Route 55.
  2. The names of the respondents.
Individual View details
20-027 Specified records related to the Northern Expedition between 2011 and the present. Individual View details
20-028 The total number of passengers that travelled on BC Ferries under the provincial Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) for each fiscal year ending 2015 through 2019. Individual View details
20-029 The total number of BC Ferries scheduled sailings and the total number of sailing cancellations due to adverse weather conditions per annum from 2003 through 2019. Individual View details

FOI 2019

Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
19-002 Email communications between any BC Ferries employees and BC Ferries President and CEO Mark Collins or other senior BC Ferries executive staff regarding safety, maintenance concerns, engineering equipment, or engineering management pertaining to the MV Island Sky from October 1, 2017 to February 1, 2018. BC Ferry & Marine Workers’ Union View details
19-003 All communications sent between the Government of British Columbia and BC Ferries regarding the removal of fuel rebates, since January 1, 2018. Individual View details
19-004 Data related to on-time sailings and late departures for route 19 (Gabriola Island) for the years of 2007 to current day. This data should include scheduled sailings and actual departures and arrivals from both terminals (Nanaimo and Departure Bay). Individual View details
19-005 Total fuel consumed by the "Queen of Capilano" in 2017. Any available data on the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the Queen of Capilano in 2017. Individual View details
19-006 Documents, supportive data, negotiations information related to Langford/Colwood/Royal Bay - Victoria ferry option considered by BC Ferries. Individual View details
19-007 Request for the most recent sale information for the MV Queen of Burnaby. Individual View details
19-008 BC Ferry Corporation committee and board minutes related to the design of new ships during the January 1992 to July 1996 period. Individual View details
19-009 A copy of the winning bid to: RFP# 06-01-2018 Time Collection and Crew Scheduling Software Selection Helm Operations View details
19-010 Information regarding the environmental impact of specified BC Ferries vessels on the Southern resident orca population in the Salish Sea. Individual View details
  1. BC Ferries’ purchase agreement for Northern Sea Wolf (MV Aqua Spirit);
  2. All surveyor reports for the MV Northern Sea Wolf (MV Aqua Spirit);
  3. All funding requests made by BC Ferries to BC Ferries Services Board relating to the Northern Sea Wolf, 2016 to date;
  4. All MV Northern Sea Wolf refit budgets, to date;
  5. All MV Northern Sea Wolf refit budget estimates (including, but not limited to, labour, parts, services, and contracts), from time of purchase to date;
  6. Operating budget of the MV Northern Sea Wolf, to date;
  7. Operating budget for the MV Nimpkish 2017 to 2019;
  8. Operating costs of the Northern Adventure for 2017 to date;
The Star Vancouver View details
19-012 Specified procurement and/or contractual records regarding marine transportation services between French Creek on Vancouver Island and False Bay on Lasqueti Island, and between and among Port McNeill (Vancouver Island), Alert Bay (Cormorant Island) and Sointula (Malcolm Island). Individual View details
19-014 The number of walk-on passengers for the Quadra Island-Cortes Island route and the Campbell River-Quathiaski Cove route for 2017 and 2018 on a monthly basis Friends of Cortes Society View details
19-015 The employment contracts for the two previous Vice President and Chief Financial Officers Individual View details

FOI 2018

Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
  1. Contract between B.C. Ferries and Western Pacific Marine with respect to the provision of passenger ferry service between Vancouver Island and Lasqueti Island.
  2. Most recent Request for Proposal for the provision of passenger ferry service between Vancouver Island and Lasqueti Island.
Individual 18-001 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 45 KB/2 pages)

18-001 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 39 KB/2 pages)

18-001 Responsive Record
(PDF 1.27 MB/64 pages)
18-004 I am seeking information from 2016 calendar (or 2016/17 fiscal, whatever is easier), on ferry capacity and reservations. For each of the following routes:
  • Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay
  • Horseshoe Bay-Langdale
  • Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay
  • Tsawwassen-Duke Point
  • Tsawwassen-Southern Gulf Islands
I would like to know, for every sailing:
  • How full the sailing was (percent)
  • If there was a sailing wait and if so for how many sailings
  • What percentage of the sailing was reserved
  • How much revenue on that sailing came from reservations
If the revenue figure is not available on a per-sailing basis, then an overall figure on these routes for the year will suffice.
CBC Vancouver 18-004 Web Response Letter
(PDF 115 KB/4 pages)

18-004 Responsive Record #1
(PDF 2 MB/828 pages)

18-004 Responsive Record #2
(PDF 48 KB/1 page)
18-005 All records relating to the fees charged to passengers with bicycles. When these fees were introduced, on which routes, and all the revenues generated from these charges. All funds spent on, and projected to be spent on, the provision of facilities for bikes on board BC Ferries. Individual 18-005 Web Response Letter
(PDF 46 KB/2 pages)

18-005 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 36 KB/1 page)

18-005 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 14 KB/1 page)
18-006 I understand an independent outside organisation measured the levels of electromagnetic radiation on some of the ferries. May I please have a copy of the work order or by any other name requesting the outside company do the report, their terms of reference, and a copy of the report submitted to BC Ferries. Individual 18-006 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #1 TSA
(PDF 3 MB/51 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #2 CCEL
(PDF 2 MB/38 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #3 SOBC
(PDF 2 MB/33 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #4 SWB
(PDF 2 MB/42 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #5 Summary
(PDF 329 KB/10 pages)

18-006 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

18-006 Responsive Record #6
(PDF 65 KB/2 pages)
18-008 A copy of the entire Planetworks RF field intensity testing report. Individual 18-008 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/1 page)
18-009 Specified records related to Catamaran Ferries International Inc. Individual 18-009 Web Response Letter
(PDF 32 KB/1 page)
18-010 Contract between BCF and Gdansk Ship Repair Yard Remontowa for the Spirit-class mid-life upgrades, awarded in or about March 2016. Guild Yule 18-010 Web Response Letter
(PDF 53 KB/2 pages)

18-010 Responsive Record #1
(PDF 2.5 MB/105 pages)

18-010 Responsive Record #2
(PDF 2.6 MB/105 pages)
18-012 Specified information and records concerning the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project with regard to the "Total Operating Expenses" for Route 21 as shown in the "Route Statements" of the Annual Reports to the BC Ferries Commissioner. Individual 18-012 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/1 page)
18-013 With regard to the Denman Island cable ferry, a copy of the "Operational Limitations Matrix" and other relevant sections of the VSM. Individual 18-013 Web Response Letter
(PDF 74 KB/2 pages)

18-013 Responsive Record
(PDF 785 KB/3 pages)
  • The date and copy of first bank statement received from a specified financial institution
  • The last bank statement received from another specified financial institution. This would have been in the early 1980s.
  • The legal document for about $80 million in loans from a specified financial institution in the early 1980s, as well the transfer of tax right offs to this institution.
Individual 18-014 Web Response Letter
(PDF 46 KB/2 pages)
18-015 Please provide a copy of the Baynes Sound Connector “Muster List” for the usual emergencies. Individual 18-015 Web Response Letter
(PDF 69 KB/2 pages)

18-015 Responsive Record
(PDF 354 KB/1 page)
18-017 For Hornby Island, the net passenger inflow and outflow for each day from beginning of June to end of September from 2013 to September 14, 2017. Individual 18-017 Web Response Letter
(PDF 63 KB/2 pages)

18-017 Responsive Records
(PDF 108 KB/3 pages)
18-018 All records regarding the fueling of the Salt Spring Island ferry to/from Fulford Harbour, including but not limited to: cost of fuel per month, where the fuel comes from, how the ferry is refueled, how often the ferry is refueled, and the amount of fuel per month this ferry burns. Date range: August 2016 to August 2017. Individual 18-018 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)
18-020 With regard to travel between Tsawwassen and Swartz bay, all records in BC Ferries’ possession regarding:
  1. Reasons for or against operating ferry sailings less than one hour apart during peak periods
  2. Capacity for infrastructure regarding loading passengers simultaneously
  3. Operating cost of one ferry
  4. Capital cost of procuring one ferry for operational use
Individual 18-020 Web Response Letter
(PDF 75 KB/3 pages)

18-020 Responsive Records
(PDF 492 KB/3 pages)
18-022 All scheduled and actual departure times on Route 3 (Horseshoe Bay - Langdale) for the first three weeks of the 2017 fall schedule. (October 10 - October 31). Individual 18-022 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

18-022 Responsive Record
(PDF 808 KB/7 pages)
18-028 I am requesting all scheduled and actual departure times for Route 3 (Horseshoe Bay - Langdale) from November 1 - 30, 2017. Individual 18-028 Web Response Letter
(PDF 37 KB/2 pages)

18-028 Responsive Record
(PDF 495 KB/11 pages)
18-029 The cost per round trip for the Horseshoe Bay to Langdale route, and how BC Ferries determines the charge for each round trip. Individual 18-029 Web Response Letter
(PDF 56 KB/2 pages)
18-030 I am requesting all scheduled and actual departure times for route 3 (Horseshoe Bay to Langdale) from Dec. 1, 2017 to end of day Jan. 1st, 2018. Individual 18-030 Web Response Letter
(PDF 38 KB/2 pages)

18-030 Responsive Record
(PDF 391 KB/12 pages)
18-032 I request any records (emails, memoranda, briefing notes, meeting and board minutes, risk assessments, presentations, anonymized complaints (by the public and by employees) and research) which influenced the decision-making process by which BC Ferries implemented policies which prohibit smoking on board its vessels and at its facilities. Individual 18-032 Web Response Letter
(PDF 52 KB/2 pages)

18-032 Responsive Records
(PDF 1 MB/55 pages)

FOI 2017

Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
17-004 Specified information regarding the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project and the weekly visual inspections of the three cables. Individual 17-004 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-004 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 163 KB/5 pages)

17-004 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 224 KB/12 pages)

17-004 Responsive Records #3
(PDF 303 KB/12 pages)

17-004 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 41 KB/2 pages)

17-004 Responsive Record #4
(PDF 440 KB/11 pages)
17-006 The amount of capital costs and maintenance costs spent by BC Ferries on the Baynes Sound Connector since:
  • BC Ferries’ takeover of the vessel from the builder in the fall of 2015; and
  • the date of first service in February 2016.
NDP Official Opposition 17-006 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-006 Responsive Record
(PDF 15 KB/1 page)
17-007 A summary document listing any and all contracts (including "service agreements" or "service contracts") that have been directly awarded by BC Ferries. Please include the name of the contractor, the dollar amount of contract, a short description of services provided and BC Ferries’ rationale for direct awarding. The time frame of this request is January 1, 2016 – April 30, 2016. NDP Official Opposition 17-007 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-007 Responsive Record
(PDF 33 KB/1 page)
17-008 All scheduled and actual departure and arrival times for Route 3 (Horseshoe Bay - Langdale) on all Sundays between and including April 3rd, 2016 and June 19th, 2016. Individual 17-008 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-008 Responsive Record
(PDF 490 KB/4 pages)
17-009 Legal and other costs paid for by BC Ferries with regard to a specified civil suit. Individual 17-009 Web Response Letter
(PDF 31 KB/2 pages)
17-010 Copies of all VISORS (Voluntary Individual Safety Observation Reporting System) submissions received with regard to the cable ferry project until now. Individual 17-010 Web Response Letter
(PDF 39 KB/2 pages)
17-011 A breakdown of how much BC Ferries has spent on repairs and maintenance on the Queen of Burnaby AND the Queen of Nanaimo, as well as any related environmental impacts such as oil leaks. So all relevant records since Jan. 1, 2015, including reports, emails, memos and minutes at meetings. Times Colonist 17-011 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/2 pages)

17-011 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 34 KB/1 page)

17-011 Responsive Record
(PDF 16 KB/1 page)
17-012 Copies of the surveys done to ascertain that the levels of radiation on BC Ferries’ ships does not exceed the levels of SC6 [Safety Code 6] when passengers are on board. Individual 17-012 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/2 pages)
17-014 The report of the July 2016 quarterly electro-magnetic scan of the cables for the Baynes Sound Connector. Individual 17-014 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-014 Responsive Record
(PDF 449 KB/11 pages)
17-015 Information and records with regard to the upcoming warranty and up-grade program for the Baynes Sound Connector. Specifically, what systems are not operating to the specification given to Seaspan? Also, what upgrades are being planned by BC Ferries outside the warranty? Individual 17-015 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-015 Responsive Record
(PDF 17 KB/1 page)
17-017 Please provide the dates and reasons, when and why the fire suppression system [on the Baynes Sound Connector] was activated in engine room 1, engine room 2 and the bull wheel drive room respectively, from the beginning of "soft" service until end of October 2016. Individual 17-017 Web Response Letter
(PDF 37 KB/2 pages)
17-018 Please provide copies of any work orders and subsequent written reports, including recordings of the cable tension readings at Denman West from June 18th, 2016 until present. Individual 17-018 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/2 pages)

17-018 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 825 KB/40 pages)

17-018 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 1 MB/40 pages)
17-020 Information and records with regard to the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project and the quarterly electro-magnetic scan of the cables. I request a similar response as you have provided to FOI 2017-004 for the scan done in November 2016. Individual 17-020 Web Response Letter
(PDF 34 KB/2 pages)
17-021 Specified traffic statistics for route 3 all Sunday 7:20 a.m. sailings from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale for September and October 2016. Individual 17-021 Web Response Letter
(PDF 37 KB/2 pages)

17-021 Responsive Record
(PDF 20 KB/1 page)
17-022 Specified data collected with respect to the pilot project where Hornby Island traffic receives priority loading at Denman West terminal on the 8:00 a.m. sailing to Buckley Bay, Monday through Friday, when the pilot project is completed; if not complete, then when completed. Individual 17-022 Web Response Letter
(PDF 33 KB/2 pages)
17-023 With respect to the Baynes Sound Connector:
  1. The dates of all cable exchanges that have taken place, including since the vessel has been in full service as well as training and practice exchanges prior to full service;
  2. Serial numbers and asset numbers of the cables removed and installed, as well as the location (south guide, drive, north guide) of the changed cables; and
  3. A list of spools of cables that BC Ferries has in its possession, including serial numbers and asset numbers.
Individual 17-023 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-023 Responsive Record
(PDF 69 KB/3 pages)
17-024 Specified information regarding Janitorial Services Tenders from August 2016. (Request for Proposal (RFP) 05-01-2016 Overnight Cleaning Routes 1 and 2 as well as RFP 05-02-2016 Shipboard Cleaning). Master Care Janitorial 17-024 Web Response Letter
(PDF 45 KB/2 pages)

17-024 Responsive Record
(PDF 19 KB/1 page)
17-027 A list of dates of cancellations or suspension of service and the duration of the same for crossings from/to Nanaimo via West Vancouver and Tsawwassen terminals due to weather conditions in 2016 until present (January 16, 2017). Individual 17-027 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-027 Responsive Record
(PDF 85 KB/3 pages)
17-028 IT contracting positions issued by IT over the most recent 6 month period (August 15, 2016 to February 15, 2017). Talent Fit 17-028 Web Response Letter
(PDF 43 KB/2 pages)

17-028 Responsive Record
(PDF 60 KB/2 pages)
17-029 With regard to the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project and the quarterly electro-magnetic scan of the cables, a copy of the report of the scan conducted in the night of December 13 - 14, 2016. Individual 17-029 Web Response Letter
(PDF 53 KB/2 pages)

17-029 Responsive Record
(PDF 544/15 pages)
17-030 Feasibility studies, reports and plans that show BC Ferries’ current thinking about the impediments or possibilities of replacing its conventional ships with cable ferries on their saltwater ferry routes. Strait Solutions 17-030 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

17-030 Responsive Record
(PDF 50 KB/2 pages)
17-031 Any and all records of training provided by A.G.I. Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. from April 01, 2015 to March 01 2017, to include times, dates, location where training took place, and individuals who provided the training. Individual 17-031 Web Response Letter
(PDF 43 KB/2 pages)

17-031 Responsive Records
(PDF 46 KB/2 pages)
17-032 Copy of the contract and related current information, between BC Ferries and Western Pacific Marine Ltd. to provide ferry service to Lasqueti Island. Individual 17-032 Web Response Letter
(PDF 43 KB/2 pages)

17-032 Responsive Record
(PDF 648 KB/27 pages)
17-033 Specified information regarding Experience Card discounts versus full fares for the Gabriola Island - Nanaimo route. Individual 17-033 Web Response Letter
(PDF 39 KB/2 pages)

FOI 2016

Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
16-002 The cost of the cables used for the new Denman Cable Ferry; a copy of a document indicating the length of each of the 3 cables needed; copies of documents indicating the cost per ft or meter (including delivery to Little River and tax) of the 1-5/8 plastic coated cables presently installed. Individual 16-002 Web Response Letter
(PDF 81 KB/2 pages)

16-002 Responsive Record
(PDF 19 KB/1 page)
16-003 I am requesting the following documents, all related to the rate structure for sailing delays mentioned in a recent Vancouver Sun article ( Hume Ferries refund emergency services overbilling/10726831/story.html):
  • The initial proposal for or document recommending the July 1, 2014 billing system
  • Any report or analyses of said system before it was put in to place
  • Any report or analyses written about the system after the January 2015 Vancouver Sun articles
  • Any analysis of the impact of the system on the BC Ambulance Service
Individual 16-003 Web Response Letter
(PDF 53 KB/2 pages)

16-003 Responsive Records
(PDF 131 KB/6 pages)
16-007 I am interested in obtaining the statistical information that outlines total deck space committed for sailings from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay in the year 2014. Individual 16-007 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/1 page)

16-007 Responsive Record
(PDF 39 KB/1 page)
16-010 All records, memos, letters, and emails from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, BC Ferries and CH2M Hill Canada Limited in regards to the Gabriola bridge feasibility study. The time frame for this request is December 1, 2014 to August 30th, 2015. Individual 16-010 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

16-010 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 203 KB/5 pages)

16-010 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 38 KB/2 pages)

16-010 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 4.6 MB/30 pages)
16-012 Regarding BC Ferries’ request for removal of Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s "BC: Stop Killing Wolves" advertising campaign aboard BC Ferries:
  1. Please provide a copy of BC Ferries official advertising policy, along with the date it was authorized and the names of parties who authorized it.
  2. Please provide detailed reasons for, and the authority by which BC Ferries has requested that Pattison Outdoor Advertising remove Raincoast Conservation Foundations’ "BC: Stop Killing Wolves" paid advertisements from BC Ferries.
  3. Please provide copies of all correspondence between BC Ferries, Pattison Outdoor, and any other parties, for the months of August 2015 and September 2015, regarding Raincoast Conservation Foundation advertising on BC Ferries.
Raincoast Conservation Foundation 16-012 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 35 KB/2 pages)

16-012 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 47 KB/2 pages)

16-012 Responsive Records
(PDF 181 KB/11 pages)
16-013 A statistical tally of any and all "slip and fall" or "trip and fall" injuries sustained by passengers and staff on "Queen of" vehicles from Jan 1, 2008 to date of fulfilment, including any description of injury sustained. Rotto Law 16-013 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/2 pages)

16-013 Web Responsive Record
(PDF 133 KB/2 pages)
16-014 All records related to BC Ferries’ employees, board members or executives attending the Copenhagen Interferry Conference from Oct 3-7, 2015. Please include all travel expenses associated with the conference, registration forms, invoices, etc. NDP Official Opposition 16-014 Web Response Letter
(PDF 48 KB/2 pages)

16-014 Responsive Records
(PDF 184 KB/10 pages)
16-015 A copy of all notes and recordings taken during the interviews of [three named individuals] during the Divisional Inquiry into the grounding and sinking of Queen of the North on March 22, 2006. Harbour Publishing 16-015 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)
16-016 I would like to know what specific paints BC Ferries use and how much copper compounds they contain. Individual 16-016 Web Response Letter
(PDF 34 KB/2 pages)

16-016 Responsive Record
(PDF 16 KB/1 page)
16-017 Copies of all correspondence related to FOI request 2016-012, including internal BC Ferries correspondence related to the posting of an "edited" version of this request on the BC Ferries "FOI tracker". Also documentation showing who at BC Ferries ordered this edit, reasons for this decision, and a copy of the policy and authorities on which this decision is based. Raincoast Conservation Foundation 16-017 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/2 pages)

16-017 Responsive Records
(PDF 1 MB/42 pages)

16-017 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 69 KB/2 pages)

16-017 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 231 KB/11 pages)
16-022 All records, memos, letters, emails or briefing notes prepared for or by BC Ferries systems regarding a cost benefit analysis of converting the Spirit Class vessels to LNG or dual fuel capabilities. NDP Official Opposition 16-022 Web Response Letter
(PDF 48 KB/2 pages)
16-024 The results of "NRFP 09-03-2015 Mobile Application and Website Modernization Project". Please include the name(s) of any party/ies whose proposal to this NRFP was accepted by BCF. Bytemark Canada Inc. 16-024 Web response letter
(PDF 35 KB/1 page)
16-025 A) A list of all individual payments made by Goundar Shipping Ltd. (and its agents, representatives and subsidiaries) to BC Ferries for the period of Jan. 1, 2014 to present day. Please include the dates, amounts in Canadian dollars, transaction numbers and detailed reasons for payments; B) A list of all individual payments made to Goundar Shipping Ltd. (and its agents, representatives and subsidiaries) by BC Ferries for the period of Jan. 1, 2014 to present day. Please include the dates, amounts in Canadian dollars, transaction numbers and detailed reasons for payments. Individual 16-025 Web Response Letter
(PDF 31 KB/2 pages)
16-026 We request the traffic statistics for route 7 (Egmont - Saltery Bay) for the years 2013/14 and 2014/15, showing commercial traffic = ordinary trucks and semis separately. Individual 16-026 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

16-026 Responsive Record
(PDF 68 KB/1 page)
16-029 Please provide copies of the Wheel House Log Book entries of the Quinitsa on Route 21 for the following days: December 3rd and 10th, 2015 January 18th and 27th, 2016 Individual 16-029 Web Response Letter
(PDF 110 KB/2 pages)

16-029 Responsive Records
(PDF 14 MB/8 pages)
16-030 Both the scheduled and actual arrival and departure times for the Horseshoe Bay - Langdale route on all Saturday’s, Sunday’s, and Holiday Monday’s in 2015. Individual 16-030 Web Response Letter
(PDF 43 KB/2 pages)

16-030 Responsive Record
(PDF 16 MB/64 pages)
16-032 A) A list of all individual payments made by N&J Mechanical Distributors (and its agents, representatives, or subsidiaries), to BC Ferries for the period of Jan. 1, 2014 to February 26, 2016. Please include the dates, amounts in Canadian dollars, transaction numbers, and detailed reasons for payments, and

B) A list of all individual payments made to N&J Mechanical Distributors (and its agents, representatives, or subsidiaries), by BC Ferries for the period of Jan. 1, 2014 to February 26, 2016. Please include the dates, amounts in Canadian dollars, transaction numbers, and detailed reasons for payments.
Individual 16-032 Web Response Letter
(PDF 38 KB/2 pages)
16-034 Copies of the Wheel House Log Book on the Quinitsa and Baynes Sound Connector on Route 21. Please provide readable copies of the log book of either ferry for February 5th, 10th, 19th and March 3rd and 4th. Individual 16-034 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

16-034 Responsive Records
(PDF 5.6 MB/11 pages)
16-036 The Service Contract between B.C. Ferries and Cubic Transportation Systems, dated February 6, 2004. CTV News 16-036 Web Response Letter
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16-036 Responsive Record
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