FAQs - New website

Responding to your questions about our new website

Q. I tried to renew my account but haven't received the activation email. Where is it? 

A. We are aware that when we first launched the website, there were delays with the activation email being sent to customers. We implemented a fix as soon as we could and believe this issue has been resolved. Let us know if you are still experiencing a delay.

Q. I tried to renew or create my account but it will not validate. Why?

A. When creating or renewing an account, you must select the activation link and log in from the same device, preferably one right after the other. Otherwise your account will not validate. For example, if you create or renew an account, and activate the link from your computer and then try and log in for the first time from your mobile device, the process will fail and requires IT intervention to fix it. If this has happened to you, call our Customer Service Centre at 1-888-223-3779.

Q. Where are the Dangerous Goods sailings listed?

A. There is a link to the Dangerous Goods (DG) sailings at the top of the daily and seasonal schedules pages. This is something we recently added.

Q. Why doesn’t the print option print on one page?

A. When we first launched the website we did not have a print button on the schedules pages. We have since added the print button and there are a few improvements we are working on related to the print layout, number of pages printed and the ability to print a round trip on one page. We hope to have these improvements in place by Spring.

Q. There seem to be errors between the daily schedules and the seasonal schedules. Which one is right?

A. There were some discrepancies between the daily schedules and the seasonal schedules when we introduced the new website. The discrepancies with the seasonal schedules have been resolved. 

The daily schedules reflect the planned schedule for the day. For any changes made throughout the day, customers should refer to current conditions or service notices for the most accurate schedules as they incorporate any last minute changes such as potential cancellations, etc. 

We are still working through issues with the daily and seasonal schedules between Victoria (Swartz Bay) and the Southern Gulf Islands, and Inter-Gulf Island sailings. We have temporarily replaced these schedules with an alternate view to provide the accurate information. Thank you for your patience as we work through this issue. If you have a question about which sailing is correct, reach out to us @BCFerries on X or call our Customer Service Centre.

Q. Where can I see thru fare options for the Southern Gulf Islands?

A. The thru fare options for the Southern Gulf Islands are listed on the thru fare page. A link has been added at the top of the daily and seasonal schedule pages for the Southern Gulf Islands. 

Q. Current conditions shows overall space available, but then displays a standard vehicle is “ticketing for tomorrow”. Is this a mistake?

A. Current conditions is not reflecting availability for standard vehicles correctly at points during the day. We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix for this. 

In the meantime, refer to “Total Deck Space Available” for an accurate view of the space available for the sailing. If Current conditions shows overheight space is sold out, this is accurate. The issue is with standard vehicle space. 

Q. I received an error message while trying to make a booking. What should I do?

A. If you received an error message while trying to make or retrieve a booking, let us know. As with any new website, we are working through some issues. Let us know if you experience an issue and we will assist you.

Q. I’m trying to access your website but it’s not working.

A. Check the browser you are using. The website can’t be accessed using Internet Explorer. Many websites no longer support Internet Explorer as a web browser. We suggest using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge when using our website. We do not support Internet Explorer because it’s not supported by Microsoft and does not provide the security BC Ferries requires for our customers.


BC Ferries Vacations

Q. Why don’t I need to book a reservation separately for my BC Ferries Vacations booking?

A. Vacation package prices now include your return ferry reservations on major routes. If at the time of booking you don’t know the time you wish to travel, or can’t find the sailing you want, you can select the Open Ticket option. 

With an Open Ticket, you will travel on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be loaded on the next available sailing in the order you arrive at the terminal. You will not be confirmed on any sailing. This option can be found at the bottom of the sailing selection screen on applicable routes. There is no difference in price if you confirm your sailings versus selecting an Open Ticket.

Q. What are the benefits of creating an account if I am a Vacations customer and don’t use the site on a regular basis?

A. There are many benefits to creating an account if you are a Vacations customer, regardless of whether you book regularly or infrequently.

Within your online account, you’ll have the ability to view your saved quotes, so you can avoid having to recreate past searches. You can also view past and future bookings, and save your contact and payment details to make future bookings easier.

In addition, you can view and manage your ferry-only bookings within the same account, so all of your travel history will be in one place.

Q. I want to make a change to my package. Why do you need to refund and rebook an entirely new package for me?

A. We would be happy to update your booking if your departure date is within our change window. All changes to reserved Southern Route booking must be made more than seventy-two (72) hours prior to the date of travel. All changes to reserved Northern Route bookings must be made more than seven (7) full days prior to the date of travel. Change fees will apply ($100 processing fee for Northern Route bookings; $25 processing fee for Southern Route bookings) for all change requests.

Exceptions may apply depending on the products in your booking—if applicable, these will be highlighted in your original booking confirmation email. 

Due to system limitations, in order to fulfill your change request, we will need to cancel your original booking and issue a refund. After the refund has been processed, we will create a new booking with your updated request and collect payment.

Q. Why can’t I change my departure date for my vacation package online? 

A. You can request an updated departure date online through the Modify Booking form within your account. 

Alternatively, contact one of our Travel Experts at 1-888-223-3779 Ext. 3 for assistance with updating your departure date.

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