Current Conditions

Vessel Positions

Major and Northern Routes

Includes Gulf Island routes sailing from our major terminals

BC Ferries uses Global Positioning System technology (GPS) to track vessel locations during the operational day. Click on the maps below to see where our ships are now.

About these maps   Swartz Bay - Tsawwassen
This page includes tracking maps for vessels sailing from our major south coast terminals, as well as mid and north coast services.


Tsawwassen - Duke Point   Horseshoe Bay - Departure Bay


Horseshoe Bay - Langdale   Horseshoe Bay - Bowen Island


Swartz Bay - Fulford Harbour   Swartz Bay - Gulf Islands


Tsawwassen - Gulf Islands   Mid and North Coast Routes


During fall and winter months, vessels on our Mid and North Coast routes showing as 'In Port' may still be waiting to dock due to heavy weather conditions. Customers are advised to check our Service Notices page or call us for updates.

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