Commercial Travel Card

Commercial Convenience

Commercial customers have the option to apply for a Commercial Travel Card (CTC) account for a more convenient way to travel with BC Ferries. The CTC program provides commercial customers with several benefits such as weekly invoicing, 30 day payment terms and automatic payment withdrawals.

How does the Commercial Travel Card (CTC) program work?

  • Once your application has been approved, BC Ferries commercial travel cards will be sent to your office for distribution to your drivers.
  • When checking in at BC Ferries terminals, simply present the CTC card to the ticket agent and the appropriate fares will be charged to your account.
  • CTC accounts will be invoiced every Wednesday.
  • Your pre authorized payment is automatically withdrawn from your bank account 30 days after the invoice date.

What types of goods and services can I pay for with my CTC account?

  • Fares for Commercial Vehicles (defined as vehicles with a registered gross vehicle weight of greater than 5500 kg or 12,100 lbs) including the driver and any passengers
  • Fares for Buses (defined as having a minimum authorized carrying capacity of 16 persons, including driver) including the driver and any passengers
  • Dangerous goods sailing fees
  • Hosting fees on our applicable Northern Routes

How do I apply for an account?

Complete the application form and

  • Fax to 250-384-4180 attn: Customer Accounts, Revenue Department; or
  • Mail to Suite 500, 1321 Blanshard Street, Victoria BC, V8W 0B7, attn Customer Accounts, Revenue Department; or
  • Email to
  • Please ensure that all documentation is fully completed and signed where applicable, or processing may be delayed

  CTC Application Form >>

How do we order individual commercial travel cards?

  • The initial card order form is included in the account application package
  • Order as many cards as you need for only $2.50 per card and the cost will be included on your first invoice
  • Additional cards can be ordered at any time by calling Customer Accounts at 250-978-1173

What type of information will appear on the card?

  • The card number - Each card is individually numbered and reported as such on your invoice to allow you to easily track your travel
  • Your Company name (maximum 26 characters)
  • Additional information - the cards have additional space for information that you may find helpful such as an employee name or vehicle number; although this information is not verified by our ticket agents during check in and is only included for your convenience.

What if we also have vehicles that do not meet BC Ferries definition of commercial vehicles?

You can also apply for a Travel Card (TC) account. This will be linked to your CTC account so travel on both accounts will be included on your weekly CTC invoice.

If you require any further information please contact Customer Accounts at 250-978-1173.