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Preserving and protecting the environment is of utmost importance at BC Ferries. Our business is based on delivering people safely to their destinations along coastal British Columbia. We know the value of our coast and the natural beauty it offers locals and visitors alike. Keeping the coast pristine is just one of the reasons we have implemented sustainable operations at BC Ferries. We strive to go beyond what is required and have earned certification from Green Marine, a voluntary, transparent initiative that holds the North American marine industry accountable for reducing its environmental footprint.

BC Ferries is also active in the communities in which it operates and our employees take pride in the places they live and work. Through our Community Investment Program and fundraising efforts, BC Ferries supports programs, services and organizations that improve the health and well-being of coastal residents.

SeaForward is a program that brings BC Ferries’ existing environmental activities, conservation projects, community investments, and new sustainability endeavors together under a single umbrella. SeaForward’s goal is to effectively communicate BC Ferries’ efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, improve the sustainability of our operations, and support coastal communities. As a major BC company that transports passengers and goods along coastal British Columbia, BC Ferries recognizes the responsibility to provide ferry services in the safest, most efficient and environmentally sustainable manner possible. Learn more about the initiatives underway to ensure a safe and sustainable future for our communities, the coast and the planet.

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