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Queen of Capilano Returns to Service

On May 6, 2015, the Queen of Capilano returns to service (Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island route) after completing a Mid-Life Upgrade.

The ferry upgrades include the addition of gallery decks which have increased the ferry's capacity to approximately 100 regular-sized vehicles and the addition of a foot passenger entrance/exit with a ramp for loading and unloading at Horseshoe Bay. The ferry also has a new evacuation system and a replacement rescue boat.

Ferry Improvements Include:


Passenger Area Improvements

  • Gallery decks: fixed, ramped decks that have increased ferry capacity from approximately 85 vehicles to 100 vehicles.
  • New entrance/exit for walk-on passengers in the upper lounge.
  • New elevator system.
  • Upgrade of stairwell and disabled washroom.
  • New evacuation system (slides and life rafts) in the passenger lounge and replacement of the rescue boat.
  • Installation of a pet area and new embarkation gates.
  • Redesign of the garbage cart storage area.
  • Renewal of boat deck weather doors.
  • Upgrade of the ship intercom and public address system.
  • Installation of LED navigation lights.
  • General painting throughout the ferry.

Additional Improvements

Electrical upgrades on various systems/components, generator replacement, installation of a new swipe security access for crew spaces, sea water piping replacement, upgrade of lines/bollards, as well as a renewal of propulsion, emergency switchboards, bridge console and navigation equipment.

Thank you for your patience and support during this project. For any inquiries, please contact BC Ferries Customer Service Centre at: customerservice@bcferries.com
  Artist rendering of Queen of Capilano with new gallery decks installed
Artist Rendering of the Queen of Capilano
with new gallery decks installed

Artist rendering of new passenger entrance/exit and ramp at Horseshoe Bay

Artist rendering of the new
passenger entrance/exit and
ramp at Horseshoe Bay

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