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FOIPP Request 18-004

I am seeking information from 2016 calendar (or 2016/17 fiscal, whatever is easier), on ferry capacity and reservations. For each of the following routes:

  • Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay
  • Horseshoe Bay-Langdale
  • Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay
  • Tsawwassen-Duke Point
  • Tsawwassen-Southern Gulf Islands
I would like to know, for every sailing:
  • How full the sailing was (percent)
  • If there was a sailing wait and if so for how many sailings
  • What percentage of the sailing was reserved
  • How much revenue on that sailing came from reservations
If the revenue figure is not available on a per-sailing basis, then an overall figure on these routes for the year will suffice.

List of Documents

18-004 Web Response Letter (PDF 115 KB/4 pages)
18-004 Responsive Record #1 (PDF 2 MB/828 pages)
18-004 Responsive Record #2 (PDF 48 KB/1 page)

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