What is Onboard

Variety... The Spice of our Fleet!

Our fleet is made up of all kinds of ships. At the grandest end of the spectrum are the S-Class twins, Spirit of British Columbia and Spirit of Vancouver Island. Measuring 560 feet long (picture two football fields back-to-back), these ferries can accommodate up to 2,100 people and 470 vehicles. Compare those figures with the 111-foot Nimpkish, which carries 133 people and 16 vehicles, and you get some idea of the diversity of our vessels.

Why aren't all BC Ferries created equal? Because different communities have different needs. Some may require a ship to carry small numbers of people over short distances. Others call for large ferries capable of accommodating hundreds of passengers and vehicles for lengthy trips.

Those larger vessels feature a wide variety of amenities, including top-notch catering services. Check our What is Onboard page for more information >> 

Note: Fleet information is also available by service area >>

Bowen Queen (84.96 m)
Bowen Queen

Coastal Celebration (160 m)
Coastal Celebration

  Coastal Inspiration (160 m)
Coastal Inspiration

Coastal Renaissance (160 m)
Coastal Renaissance

Howe Sound Queen (73.64 m)
Howe Sound Queen

Island Sky (102 m)
Island Sky

Kahloke (54.75 m)

Klitsa (47.46 m)

Kuper (52.21 m)

Kwuna (71.64 m)

Mayne Queen (84.96 m)
Mayne Queen

Nimpkish (33.93 m)

North Island Princess (61.04 m)
North Island Princess

Northern Adventure (117 m)
Northern Adventure

Northern Expedition (150 m)
Northern Expedition

Powell River Queen (84.96 m)
Powell River Queen

Quadra Queen II (49.64 m)
Quadra Queen II

Queen of Alberni (139.29 m)
Queen of Alberni

Queen of Burnaby (129.97 m)
Queen of Burnaby

Queen of Capilano (96 m)
Queen of Capilano

Queen of Chilliwack (114.58 m)
Queen of Chilliwack

Queen of Coquitlam (139.29 m)
Queen of Coquitlam

Queen of Cowichan (139.29 m)
Queen of Cowichan

Queen of Cumberland (96 m)
Queen of Cumberland

Queen of Nanaimo (129.97 m)
Queen of Nanaimo

Queen of New Westminster (129.96 m)
Queen of New Westminster

Queen of Oak Bay (139.29 m)
Queen of Oak Bay

Queen of Surrey (139.29 m)
Queen of Surrey

 Quinitsa (74.52 m)

Quinsam (86.85 m)

Skeena Queen (110 m)
Skeena Queen

Spirit of British Columbia (167.57 m)
Spirit of British Columbia

Spirit of Vancouver Island (167.57 m)
Spirit of Vancouver Island

 Tachek (49.56 m)

Tenaka (47.09 m)