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Supplier Requirements
In order for BC Ferries to receive products from suppliers into our Warehouse and process invoices for prompt payment, suppliers must meet our Purchase Order Agreement Terms and Conditions. The requirements will be reviewed with suppliers in detail by the Retail Department.
Special Requirements
  • Direct any gift shop stock or merchandising concerns to the Retail Department at (250) 655-6177 or (250) 655-6157 or FAX (250) 656-9788. Please do not direct concerns to the shipboard cashiers.
Supplier Sample Process
BC Ferries Retail department will hold supplier samples for three months. If not claimed by the supplier within three months, BC Ferries will donate the samples to charity. Suppliers can send samples to the Buyer of the Retail department with the understanding that BC Ferries Retail department is not responsible for returning any samples.
Bar Codes
  1. BC Ferries requires all products to be bar coded by supplier.
  2. Bar code format must be UPC and include leading & check digits (12 or 13 digit). In January 2005 vendors will be required to affix 13 to 14 digit barcodes. Bar codes and white price tags for pre-pricing product for BC Ferries must indicate the retail price and the barcode number as below:

  1. Prior to purchase order confirmation, suppliers must submit a physical sample of the correct UPC bar code and BC Ferries retail price.
  2. Incorrectly priced or incorrectly bar coded products will be returned freight collect and de-listed at the option of BC Ferries with no penalty to BC Ferries.
  3. Changes to bar codes must be submitted to the Retail Administrative Assistant 30 days prior to changes taking effect via fax (250) 656-9788.
  4. Suppliers can discuss bar code details with the Retail Administrative Assistant at (250) 655-6177.

Bar Code Information & Registry Contact:
Electronic Commerce Council of Canada, 1-800-567-7084.  

Statement of Factory Conditions - Offshore Manufacturing
BC Ferries Retail Department must have a signed statement of factory conditions for items manufactured off-shore proving that factory conditions meet safety requirements, employees work in proper working conditions, that no child labour is used, and that employees are paid fairly.

Listing a BC Book in the Giftshop
For information regarding listing a BC Book in the giftshop, contact our contractor "TNG-Canada" for listing requirements. The contact at TNG-Canada is Shari Nitti who can be reached at 604-790-1409 or by email at snitti@tng.com 
Contact Us

Retail Department

Swartz Bay Terminal
Phone: (250) 655-6155

Email: retail@bcferries.com

Primary Contact:

Liz McIntosh (by email only)
Senior Buyer, Retail Department


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BC Ferries,
Retail Department
P.O. Box 2250
Sidney, BC
V8L 3S8

Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal
Sidney, BC
V8L 3S8