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The FOI archive provides responses to past general information requests made to BC Ferries under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For current requests, view the FOI Tracker page.

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Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
16-002 The cost of the cables used for the new Denman Cable Ferry; a copy of a document indicating the length of each of the 3 cables needed; copies of documents indicating the cost per ft or meter (including delivery to Little River and tax) of the 1-5/8 plastic coated cables presently installed. Individual 16-002 Web Response Letter
(PDF 81 KB/2 pages)

16-002 Responsive Record
(PDF 19 KB/1 page)

16-003 I am requesting the following documents, all related to the rate structure for sailing delays mentioned in a recent Vancouver Sun article (http://www.vancouversun.com/health/Stephen Hume Ferries refund emergency services overbilling/10726831/story.html):
  • The initial proposal for or document recommending the July 1, 2014 billing system
  • Any report or analyses of said system before it was put in to place
  • Any report or analyses written about the system after the January 2015 Vancouver Sun articles
  • Any analysis of the impact of the system on the BC Ambulance Service
Individual 16-003 Web Response Letter
(PDF 53 KB/2 pages)

16-003 Responsive Records
(PDF 131 KB/6 pages)

16-007 I am interested in obtaining the statistical information that outlines total deck space committed for sailings from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay in the year 2014. Individual 16-007 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/1 page)

16-007 Responsive Record (routinely available)
(PDF 39 KB/1 page)

16-010 All records, memos, letters, and emails from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, BC Ferries and CH2M Hill Canada Limited in regards to the Gabriola bridge feasibility study. The time frame for this request is December 1, 2014 to August 30th, 2015. Individual 16-010 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

16-010 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 203 KB/5 pages)

16-010 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 38 KB/2 pages)

16-010 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 4.6 MB/30 pages)

16-012 Regarding BC Ferries’ request for removal of Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s "BC: Stop Killing Wolves" advertising campaign aboard BC Ferries:
  1. Please provide a copy of BC Ferries official advertising policy, along with the date it was authorized and the names of parties who authorized it.
  2. Please provide detailed reasons for, and the authority by which BC Ferries has requested that Pattison Outdoor Advertising remove Raincoast Conservation Foundations’ "BC: Stop Killing Wolves" paid advertisements from BC Ferries.
  3. Please provide copies of all correspondence between BC Ferries, Pattison Outdoor, and any other parties, for the months of August 2015 and September 2015, regarding Raincoast Conservation Foundation advertising on BC Ferries.
Raincoast Conservation Foundation 16-012 Web Response Letter #1
(PDF 35 KB/2 pages)

16-012 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 47 KB/2 pages)

16-012 Responsive Records
(PDF 181 KB/11 pages)

16-013 A statistical tally of any and all "slip and fall" or "trip and fall" injuries sustained by passengers and staff on "Queen of" vehicles from Jan 1, 2008 to date of fulfilment, including any description of injury sustained. Rotto Law 16-013 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/2 pages)

16-013 Web Responsive Record
(PDF 133 KB/2 pages)

16-014 All records related to BC Ferries’ employees, board members or executives attending the Copenhagen Interferry Conference from Oct 3-7, 2015. Please include all travel expenses associated with the conference, registration forms, invoices, etc. NDP Official Opposition 16-014 Web Response Letter
(PDF 48 KB/2 pages)

16-014 Responsive Records
(PDF 184 KB/10 pages)

16-015 A copy of all notes and recordings taken during the interviews of [three named individuals] during the Divisional Inquiry into the grounding and sinking of Queen of the North on March 22, 2006. Harbour Publishing 16-015 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

16-016 I would like to know what specific paints BC Ferries use and how much copper compounds they contain. Individual 16-016 Web Response Letter
(PDF 34 KB/2 pages)

16-016 Responsive Record
(PDF 16 KB/1 page)

16-017 Copies of all correspondence related to FOI request 2016-012, including internal BC Ferries correspondence related to the posting of an "edited" version of this request on the BC Ferries "FOI tracker". Also documentation showing who at BC Ferries ordered this edit, reasons for this decision, and a copy of the policy and authorities on which this decision is based. Raincoast Conservation Foundation 16-017 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/2 pages)

16-017 Responsive Records
(PDF 1 MB/42 pages)

16-017 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 69 KB/2 pages)

16-017 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 231 KB/11 pages)

16-022 All records, memos, letters, emails or briefing notes prepared for or by BC Ferries systems regarding a cost benefit analysis of converting the Spirit Class vessels to LNG or dual fuel capabilities. NDP Official Opposition 16-022 Web Response Letter
(PDF 48 KB/2 pages)

16-024 The results of "NRFP 09-03-2015 Mobile Application and Website Modernization Project". Please include the name(s) of any party/ies whose proposal to this NRFP was accepted by BCF. Bytemark Canada Inc. 16-024 Web response letter
(PDF 35 KB/1 page)