Courtesy Lane - Cortes Island Traffic

Campbell River Terminal

A courtesy lane is provided at the Campbell River Terminal to allow Cortes Island vehicles to board the vessel prior to Quadra Island vehicles. This allows vehicles bound for Cortes Island to offload early in order that they will have enough time to cross Quadra Island to board the ferry bound for Cortes Island. The courtesy lane does not give priority to Cortes Island traffic as travellers are processed on a first come, first served basis.

The following procedures are also in place:

1. When the courtesy lane is full, loading has begun or there is an overload in the lot, all Cortes Island vehicles will be directed into the general loading lanes and loaded in order of arrival, along with the Quadra Island vehicles.

2. During busy traffic periods when there is more than one lane overloaded at the Campbell River Terminal, the Cortes Island courtesy lane will be cancelled. This allows staff to process the traffic as it arrives, and ensures late-arriving vehicles do not displace vehicles that arrived earlier.