Bowen Island - Vancouver (Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay)

Crossing Time: 20 minutes
Distance: 3 nautical miles
Note: This is a non-reservable route


Schedule in Effect:

Sailing times are daily unless otherwise indicated. 

Leave Bowen Island (Snug Cove)
Leave Horseshoe Bay (Vancouver)

  5:30 am Daily except Sat, Sun       6:00 am  
  6:30 am       7:00 am Daily except Sat & Sun
  7:30 am Daily except Sat & Sun     8:00 am  
  8:30 am      9:00 am Daily except Sun & Wed are (DC)
  9:30 am      Daily except Sun    10:00 am        
 10:30 am     11:00 am  
 11:30 am           12:00 pm        
 12:30 pm               2:25 pm        
  3:00 pm        3:30 pm        
  4:00 pm Daily except Wed are (DC)     4:30 pm        
  5:00 pm               5:30 pm   
  6:00 pm       6:30 pm        
  7:00 pm       Daily except Sat     7:30 pm       Daily except Sat
  8:00 pm Daily except Sun     8:30 pm Daily except Sun
  9:00 pm       9:30 pm  
 10:00 pm        

DC - Wednesday sailings will be replaced by Dangerous Cargo sailings. No other passengers permitted.

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Ticket sales at Horseshoe Bay will end ten minutes before the scheduled sailing time for vehicles and walk-on passengers.  At Snug Cove, Bowen Island, loading will end five minutes before the scheduled sailing time for vehicles and walk-on passengers.

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Note: Schedules subject to change without notice.

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