Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands Service

Travel Assistance Program Ticketing Guidelines

Customers traveling on the Ministry of Health’s Travel Assistance Program (TAP) are asked to follow these guidelines to help ensure ticketing staff have sufficient time to efficiently process all waiting passengers:

  • Plan ahead - processing TAPs requires more time than regular ticketing. Although each pink TAP form takes a short time to process, up to 200 (some involving as many as 8 segments) are done each month at Skidegate terminal.

  • For quick service with minimal lineups, customers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of non sailing days to process the pink TAP vouchers.

  • Alternately, passengers can drop by the terminal days or weeks prior to the actual travel date to redeem the pink TAP voucher.

  • To avoid the risk of missing their planned sailing, customers redeeming pink TAP forms on the day of travel must arrive at the ticket booth at least 3 hours before scheduled departure.

Full cooperation with these guidelines can reduce unnecessary delays during busy times prior to sailing and will be greatly appreciated.