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Can I make a foot passenger reservation for travel between Tsawwassen and the Southern Gulf Islands?

Yes, reservations are available for foot passenger customers travelling to and from Tsawwassen and the Southern Gulf Islands. Travel must be paid for at time of booking (no reservation fee will apply) while space is available. Foot passenger reservation check in is 30 minutes prior. To make a reservation, please call Customer Care at 1-888-BC-FERRY (223-3779). 


How much does it cost to make reservations between Vancouver and the Southern Gulf Islands?
How and when do I pay?
What credit cards are accepted by myBCFerries?

There is no additional fee for reservations on our Vancouver - Southern Gulf Islands service, beyond the regular vehicle and passenger fares. Our online Travel Planner automatically calculates these fares as you create each reservation. Then you provide your credit card information to confirm and fully prepay your reservation(s) when prompted by the system.

To view the vehicle and passenger fares, click here >>

The following credit cards are accepted:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

If you need to change a reservation, a $5.00 change fee will apply - see details below


Are vehicle and passenger reservations necessary?

Yes.  All available vehicle space on board Vancouver - Southern Gulf Islands ferries is reservable — so we strongly recommend making reservations for your vehicle and all passengers as soon as your travel plans are firm.

If you are travelling on a long weekend or other peak travel period, please reserve well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Which routes are reservable online?

Online reservations are available on the following routes between Vancouver and the Southern Gulf Islands:

  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) - Salt Spring Island (Long Harbour )
  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) - Saturna Island (Lyall Harbour )
  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) - Pender Island  (Otter Bay)
  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) - Galiano Island  (Sturdies Bay)
  • Vancouver (Tsawwassen) - Mayne Island  (Village Bay)

Reservations are not available for travel between Victoria and the Southern Gulf Islands.


What type of vehicle can I reserve online? 

You can reserve any standard passenger or recreational vehicle, with or without a trailer.  This includes cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles and motorhomes — but does NOT include commercial vehicles (over 5,500 kg or 12,100 lb GVW) or groups (on foot, bicycle or in a bus).  Click here for information on Commercial Vehicle reservations >>

In order to reserve the correct type and amount of space for your vehicle, be ready to specify:

Vehicle Type - this includes:

Vehicle Height:

  • Standard Vehicle Under 7Ft (2.13m)
  • Standard Vehicle Over 7Ft (2.13m)
  • Motorcycle

Vehicle Length (Including Trailer):

  • Up to 20Ft (6.10m)
  • Over 20Ft (6.10m)

Vehicle Length - if your vehicle (or vehicle and trailer combination) is over 20 feet long, you'll need to specify the exact length required.

At check in, your reservation will only be honoured for the specific sailing you reserve and is valid only for the type and length of vehicle specified. If your reserved vehicle length differs by more than 5 feet (1.5 metres) at check-in, your reservation will not be honoured.

For vehicles over 31 feet long, restrictions may apply depending on vessel and dock limitations.  Please phone our Customer Service Centre to discuss your travel options with one of our Customer Sales and Service Representatives.


Can I make a reservation for a walk on group?

To make a reservation for 10 or more foot passengers travelling together as a group, see our Group Reservations page.


How far in advance can I make a reservation? 

Reservations can be made for sailings many months in advance of departure, right up to 2 hours (120 minutes) prior to its scheduled departure time. Sailings are closed to reservations at this point in order to give the terminal enough time to manage traffic during busy periods.

If you select a departure date for which reservations are not yet available, you will receive a message to this effect and be asked to try again later.  

What is a "Guest" account?

Customers now have the option of creating a myBCFerries Customer Account or new Guest functionality.

Customers with a myBCFerries Account can make up to 10 reservations at a time, view or change existing
reservations, get email alerts about service updates, announcements and special offers.

If you prefer, be our guest by providing your name, email address, phone number to make up to two
reservations. Please keep a copy of your emailed Reservation Itinerary to present at the terminal.
If you need to make any changes or have any questions regarding your reservations, please contact
the Customer Service Centre.


Can I change my reservation once I've made it?

Yes. Reservations can be changed up to 60 minutes prior to the reserved scheduled sailing's departure time.  A non-refundable change fee of $5.00 is incurred each time you make a change to your reservation's date, time or sailing. 

To change a reservation, Log into your MyBCFerries account and click on View Reservations near the top of the screen. Then follow the onscreen prompts to change your reservation. You can also change your reservation by calling our  Customer Service Centre.


Can I cancel my reservation?

A $25.00 cancellation fee will be applied to the card provided at the time of booking if you wish to cancel your reservation within 7 days of departure time.

To cancel a reservation, please call our Customer Service Centre.


Can I see personal reservations on-line that I have made by telephone?

Yes. After signing on to your MyBCFerries Account, click on My Reservations near the top of the screen. All future reservations, including those made by calling our Customer Service Centre, will appear.


Can I make a reservation for someone else?

Yes.  If you are reserving for a family member or friend using your credit card, be sure to provide the travelling party with the Reservation Number.  This number must be provided upon check-in at the terminal to claim the reservation.

If you are a travel agent or hotel, you can make a courtesy reservation for your client or guest (not commissionable).  Please set up a myBCFerries accountusing your customer's name, address, etc. and pay the reservation fee with their credit card.  Print out the confirmation information for your customer and circle or highlight the Confirmation Number provided -- or ask your customer to make note of the Reservation Number and provide it when needed upon check-in.

Please be sure that the travelling party is aware of the Reservation Rules and Policies.  These are presented for acceptance during the reservation process, and key portions are repeated on the Confirmation page.


What if my sailing is cancelled?

If you check-in for your reservation and the sailing is cancelled, we will make every effort to load you on the next available sailing. Customers with a reservation on the next scheduled departure will be loaded in advance of customers from the cancelled sailing. If we are unable to load you on the next available sailing, travel will revert to a first-come, first-served basis. If you choose not to travel, your fares will be fully refunded.


What if the sailing I want to reserve is sold out?
What is a waitlist?

To find out more information on fully reserved sailings or alternate routes to/from the Southern Gulf Islands, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

A Customer Sales and Service Representative may ask you if you would like to be put on a waitlist for a sold out sailing.  Our waitlist system is simple:  if existing reservations are cancelled, waitlisted customers are notified of the space availability and given an opportunity to reserve.  To use this service, please ensure that we have your most up-to-date contact information on hand (telephone number, fax number and/or e-mail address).


Can I find out about sailing waits and cancellations before I travel?

Yes. Information on sailings and traffic for our major terminals is constantly updated on our Current Conditions pages. To make sure you never miss an update, you can set up a MyBCFerries account and subscribe to receive e-mail notifications regarding changes or cancellations. You can also contact our Customer Service Centre.


How do I claim my reservation?

The fastest and easiest way to check in at the ticket booth is to provide:

  • Your reservation number or phone number used to make the booking
  • Show a print out of your “MyBCFerries Confirmed” e-mail.

Will printing details of my reservation(s) help at check-in?

A printout of reservations made online will be very helpful at check-in because it contains everything our ticket agents need to know to honour your reservation.

We recommend that you print the Reservation Confirmation page which is displayed when you successfully confirm your online reservation(s).  Or, you may print the e-mail message you received at this time (IF you specified your current e-mail address when providing your credit card information).

If, when you made reservations, you did not print the Reservation Confirmation page or receive an e-mail for printing, log into your MyBCFerries account and click on View Reservations. Then look for your specific reservation and click the Print button. Carry the printout with you to the terminal and present to our ticket agent at check-in.  


When do I have to check in at the terminal?

Vehicle check-in opens 90 minutes prior to departure. If departing from Tsawwassen, vehicle reservation check-in must occur 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure. If not checked in by this time, your reservation will not be honoured and travel will revert to a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are travelling from the Southern Gulf Islands to Tsawwassen, vehicle reservation check-in must occur 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Failure to meet these check-in times will result in the loss of your reserved status and you will travel as a "standby" customer. If your vehicle does not board the reserved sailing then a service cancellation fee of $25.00 will apply.  


When will I receive my boarding pass?

Your boarding pass will be issued when you claim your reservation at the terminal.


What if there's a line-up outside the terminal?

When you arrive at the terminal, let our traffic control people know that you have a reservation. You will be directed to the appropriate check-in area.


I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?

Phone our Customer Service Centre (1-888-BC FERRY/1-888-223-3779).

You can also e-mail your questions or comments to

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