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Baggage Claims - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my bags are lost, delayed or damaged?

  • Advise the switchboard operator at the terminal.
  • Complete a lost baggage tracer form that identifies the baggage, its contents and you.

What will BC Ferries Do?

  • Forward the tracer form to all terminals where your luggage could possibility be located.
  • If your baggage is located, BC Ferries will work with you to reunite you with your luggage.

How long will BC Ferries look for my luggage?

  • Unfortunately some luggage is not found. If after 3 days, your baggage has not been located, BC Ferries will review video surveillance to determine what if any assistance it can provide.
  • Usually within 5 days of reporting your loss BC Ferries will contact you to advise the search results.

What if the search indicates that my baggage was stolen?

What happens if I submit a claim?

  • When the Notice of Baggage Claim documentation is received, BC Ferries will send you an acknowledgement email or letter.
  • The lost baggage tracer form will be requested from our terminals.
  • BC Ferries may request receipts for lost items.
  • A decision will be made as to what compensation is payable.
  • You will be contacted.

What will BC Ferries compensate for lost baggage?

  • BC Ferries will compensate passengers, subject to the exclusions below, for the reasonable value of their baggage and its contents that are lost or damaged due to the negligence of BC Ferries.

What will BC Ferries not compensate for?

  • Any items that are fragile, and/ or valuable and/ or perishable.
  • Money, jewellery, silverware, negotiable papers, securities, business documents, prototypes, electronics and office equipment.
  • Expenses incurred because baggage was delayed

Will BC Ferries pay for Damaged Baggage?

  • Claims submitted for the following damages will not be compensated:
  • Scratches, zipper damage, manufacturing defects, dents, nicks, missing/torn straps handles, scuffs, soiling, wheels, locks, torn seams.
  • In addition, claims for damage that results from normal wear and tear or as a result of adverse weather conditions.

Please ensure each piece of your baggage has your contact information.