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Plastic Straw Initiative

Why have you put away plastic straws?

BC Ferries is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, particularly the marine environment. Plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges facing the world at the moment. As single use plastic straws are not biodegradable or currently easily recyclable, we identified that we could reduce our landfill waste by making them available upon request only.

Why aren't you switching to paper straws or another more environmentally friendly option?

Our goal is to transition to offering paper straws on request, while retaining some plastic straws for those who require them for accessibility reasons. With a surge in interest in converting to paper straws, suppliers have been challenged to meet the growing demand. Rather than wait until paper straws become available, we feel it’s important to reduce the amount of plastic straws that we use immediately.

Why haven’t you got rid of other (single use) plastic items?

BC Ferries is working to minimize and reduce its impact on the environment. We constantly analyze our supply chain options and look for viable alternatives where available. Switching to paper straws is a first step in this process.

I saw a vendor at your terminal with plastic straws on display. Why are straws still readily available at terminals?

Most of our terminal vendors are private contractors. As we review ways to reduce our environmental impact, we encourage all of our terminal vendors to consider making the switch away from plastic straws.

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