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In 2013 BC Ferries completed a Terminal Development Plan (TDP) for the Langdale terminal with a time horizon of 25 years. The TDP helps BC Ferries achieve its strategic goals and respond to the terminal’s functional requirements and future growth while resolving key safety, efficiency and operational issues. As part of the plan’s development BC Ferries engaged with local First Nations, the community and stakeholders at key phases in the process.

Since August 2017 we have been engaging with the community to design and implement changes to the terminal in keeping with the vision set forth in the TDP. We have completed Phases 1 and 2 of engagement for this stage of the project and Phase 3 is now underway.

Where We Are Now: Phase 3 Engagement Complete & Construction Planning Underway

Phase 3 engagement is now complete. We heard from over 200 people about the draft design for the terminal building and the site plans, and about what they would like to see in specific areas of the terminal including landscape treatments, playground design, arts and cultural installations and the location of electric vehicle charging stations.

You can read the Phase 3 Engagement Summary Report.

You can view the draft design concepts we presented in Phase 3.

As design development continues, we will be working to use the feedback you provided in Phase 3 to finalize the plans for landscaping, art and cultural installations, children’s play areas, and electric vehicle charging stations at the terminal.

The plans for these areas will be shared with you on our website and through our monthly updates as they are finalized over the next 12 months. We will also share the final terminal design and site plans over the coming months. Finally, we are working on construction planning and will share construction timelines as they become available to enable you to plan your ferry trips accordingly.

Previous Engagement and Key Themes

We started our consultation in Phase 1 with broad engagement activities to understand priorities for the new terminal design. Through mobile booths on the Queen of Surrey and at the Langdale Terminal, an open house, stakeholder meetings and an online survey, we heard from over 2,500 community members.

In Phase 2, we introduced an initial draft design of the terminal site plan and the overhead walkway. We reached over 300 community members through mobile booths on the Queen of Surrey and at the Langdale Terminal and through stakeholder workshops.

The key themes we heard from the community during the first two phases of engagement included:

  • A need for more efficient passenger loading to improve on-time performance.
  • A need for weather protection at foot passenger waiting areas to ensure comfort throughout the year.
  • A desire for enhanced accessibility for seniors and those with mobility challenges.
  • Support for food vendor upgrades.
  • Improved signage for both pedestrians and vehicles
  • Increased parking facilities

These themes helped the project team identify the overhead walkway as a priority piece of infrastructure for the terminal and helped shape the designs for the terminal site plan and building that were presented in Phase 3.

Previous Consultation

Read our Phase 2 engagement summary report
View the display boards we presented at our recent engagements.

Phase 1 Engagement Summary Report

Want to know more?

For questions and feedback on terminal development planning please email tdpinfo@bcferries.com.

Project Manager's Monthly Updates

Information on the Terminal Rezoning Application

In 2017 a rezoning application was submitted by BC Ferries to the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) for a new Marine Transportation Zone in accordance with the SCRD Official Community Plan (OCP). This will help set the framework for future redevelopment. The application has successfully passed through the process and was supported by the SCRD Board of Directors in March 2018. The last step is finalizing a property access agreement between BC Ferries and the SCRD which is expected in the coming months.

A copy of the application documents can be found here:

A copy of the SCRD staff report on the application can be found here

History of the Langdale Terminal

Langdale terminal is located on the west side of Howe Sound and is approximately 5 km north of Gibsons. The terminal was constructed in the mid-1950s to allow for the relocation of the ferry service from Gibsons, which started in the early 1950s.

Between 1961 and 1975, Langdale terminal went through several changes and expansions including construction of new berths, property purchase and expansion of the holding compound and parking lots.

In the mid-1980s, a significant project was completed that included double-decking of Berth 1, construction of a new passenger waiting lounge, administration office and public washrooms, relocation of the floating dock for the passenger service, and general rearrangement of the parking areas.

During the 1990s, two further expansions of the terminal were completed in conjunction with construction of the new Port Mellon Highway, Sunshine Coast Highway (bypass highway) and the new intersection.

For questions and feedback on terminal development planning please email tdpinfo@bcferries.com

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