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Ferry Advisory Committees

BC Ferries has been consulting with ferry dependent communities since 1993.  

We get together with local representatives to discuss day-to-day operations, planned improvements and broader policy issues such as fares and strategic planning.

Thirteen Advisory Committees represent the communities served by BC Ferries.  

Committees are appointed in cooperation with local governments, the Islands Trust and First Nations.  The terms of current FAC member appointments expire on December 31, 2018.

Terms of Reference provide guidelines for the expectations of all parties involved in the Ferry Advisory Committee process.  These are redeveloped at the beginning of each three-year FAC term.

BC Ferries ‘101’ will provide background information regarding:

  • BC Ferry Services Inc. and the Coastal Ferry Act
  • Governance: the relationship between BC Ferries and the Province (MOTI), including the Coastal Ferry Service Contract
  • the office of the BC Ferry Commission
  • how fares are set and how price cap increases are established
  • the role of Ferry Advisory Committees

Use the drop-down menu below to access information on each of our Ferry Advisory Committees.

For more information on our Ferry Advisory Committees, contact:

Darin Guenette
Manager, Public Affairs
BC Ferries
Phone: Toll free at 1-877-978-2385 or in Victoria at 250-978-2385
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