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Pacific Buffet - Beer & Wine Pilot Project

Customers eating at the Pacific Buffet

Beer and wine available with your meal in the Pacific Buffet on select sailings.

Beginning late October we will be launching a pilot of the sale of Beer and Wine in the Pacific Buffet on board three of our ferries that travel between Tsawwassen and Swartz Bay. Customers over the age of 19 will have the option to purchase one alcoholic beverage with their entry into the Pacific Buffet. We're proud to offer beverages from select BC breweries and VQA wineries.

Beer and Wine will be available on board the following vessels:

Spirit of British Columbia
Spirit of Vancouver Island

and Coastal Celebration

For more information on the pilot, we've put together some answers to popular questions below:

Why did BC Ferries decide to sell beer and wine on board?
We've heard from many passengers that they would like to enjoy a beer or glass of wine with their meal while on board. In response to these requests, BC Ferries is expanding the menu in the Pacific Buffet to include BC beer and wine. We will be offering beer and wine on a trial basis initially to evaluate its success.

How can I purchase beer or wine with my meal?
Upon entering the Pacific Buffet, customers 19 years of age or older will have the option to purchase the buffet meal on its own, or the buffet meal with one alcoholic beverage. Two pieces of ID are required in BC to verify age. The first piece of identification must be issued by a government agency (Canadian or other) and include the person's name, birthdate and photo. There is a limit of one alcoholic beverage per passenger, and only beer or wine can be purchased with a meal. Alcohol sales will be available on sailings from 11 a.m. onwards. Non-alcoholic drinks remain included in the regular buffet price.

How much does it cost to buy a glass of beer or wine with your meal at the Pacific Buffet?
Prices range from $6.99 plus tax for a 355 ml (12-ounce) glass of beer and $9.99 plus tax for a 184 ml (5-ounce) glass of wine. Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased with a meal.

Is there a service limit?
Yes, there is a one-drink limit per customer, 19 years of age or older.

Can I take my beverage outside of the buffet to another area of the vessel?
No, the consumption of alcohol is restricted to the Pacific Buffet only.

Can I bring my own beer or wine into the Pacific Buffet?
No, customers are not permitted to bring their own beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverage into the buffet or any other areas of the vessel.

Can I buy just a drink?
No, beer and wine must be purchased with a buffet meal.

Do you have a service cut-off time?
The service cut-off time is 30 minutes before docking.

What selection of beer and wine is available?
BC Ferries is proud to feature beer and wine from BC breweries and VQA wineries.

Are minors still permitted in the Pacific Buffet?
Minors are permitted to be in the Pacific Buffet, just like many restaurants that serve alcohol in BC.

Has BC Ferries offered alcoholic beverages before?
Alcoholic beverages are available for sale on northern route sailings, to and from Port Hardy, Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii and Central Coast ports we serve.

How long will the pilot run?
The pilot will run for one year, beginning in fall 2019.

If successful, will you expand this to other amenities on the ferry?
We will monitor the program to evaluate its success.

This trial does not change BC Ferries' zero tolerance policy for impaired driving.