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Welcome to the new BC Ferries

On April 2, 2003, after intense examination by the provincial government and BC Ferries' Board of Directors, our corporation was officially re-launched as a new, independent commercial company and renamed British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.

The new name and logo signify the company’s coming-of-age, a compelling transformation from the company’s modest though ambitious beginnings. It’s evident in every facet of the customer experience, from the sophistication of the online booking process, to the state-of-the-art terminals that greet our passengers, through to the modern, cruise-like vessels that offer comfort, style and ease of travel to millions of travellers on dozens of routes. Truly the world-class ferry service that the spectacular coast of British Columbia deserves. Small wonder customer satisfaction for BC Ferries service now regularly tops 90%.

And still we’re growing and getting better. In 2008, three brand new Super-C Class Ferries are introduced into the fleet, and the year following, the magnificent Northern Expedition. In March 2009, BC Ferries launches a Commercial Services division, which manages the transportation of goods between the Mainland and Vancouver Island. The frequency and speed of sailings are a great benefit to our commercial customers - just two of the reasons why they’re so satisfied with our service.

And in 2010, our 50th year, BC Ferries Vacations is launched. This exciting part of our company offers unique travel experiences to the most beautiful parts of the coast. Complementing this, a Vacations Centre in downtown Vancouver features a 90 sq. ft media wall that you can interact with to plan your vacation. It’s the latest in a history of bold, innovative moves.

The legacy of all this effort is frequent, convenient, year-round service on each and every route throughout coastal British Columbia. We’ve now served over 700 million passengers. Our ships link families, friends and businesses. They appear in travel brochures throughout the world, encouraging people to visit this remarkable place we call home. And they even make appearances in the movies, sometimes in disguise, but always distinctively British Columbia.

And while many things have changed over the years, the mission has remained pretty much the same: to provide a safe, dependable marine transportation service.

From all of us at BC Ferries, we look forward to welcoming you aboard.

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