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This page tracks requests made to BC Ferries under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for access to general information. Requests by individuals for their own personal information are not posted.

Requests are posted here following initial verification and remain for 1 year after they have closed, and then are moved to the request archive (except for requests that were discontinued).   


Requestor Process
Status Last
18-004I am seeking information from 2016 calendar (or 2016/17 fiscal, whatever is easier), on ferry capacity and reservations. For each of the following routes:
  • Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay
  • Horseshoe Bay-Langdale
  • Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay
  • Tsawwassen-Duke Point
  • Tsawwassen-Southern Gulf Islands
I would like to know, for every sailing:
  • How full the sailing was (percent)
  • If there was a sailing wait and if so for how many sailings
  • What percentage of the sailing was reserved
  • How much revenue on that sailing came from reservations
If the revenue figure is not available on a per-sailing basis, then an overall figure on these routes for the year will suffice. View details >>
CBC Vancouver$521.59$1,189.55CompleteJan 25, 2018
18-009Specified records related to Catamaran Ferries International Inc. View details >>Individual$135.20$7,074.12CompleteDec 29, 2017
18-010Contract between BCF and Gdansk Ship Repair Yard Remontowa for the Spirit-class mid-life upgrades, awarded in or about March 2016. View details >>Guild Yule$45.06$3,801.25CompleteDec 29, 2017
18-011For the last three years, specified records related to:
  1. BC Ferries’ plans on service disruptions in the Gulf Islands.
  2. Replacing the Queen of Nanaimo.
  3. Procedures for call centre staff for dealing with Gulf Island service disruptions.
  4. Customer satisfaction tracking results by day on Southern Gulf Island to Swartz Bay / Tsawwassen routes.
Individual$0.00$723.76DiscontinuedNov 9, 2017
18-013With regard to the Denman Island cable ferry, a copy of the "Operational Limitations Matrix" and other relevant sections of the VSM. View details >>Individual$7.80$311.34CompleteOct 27, 2017
  • The date and copy of first bank statement received from a specified financial institution
  • The last bank statement received from another specified financial institution. This would have been in the early 1980s.
  • The legal document for about $80 million in loans from a specified financial institution in the early 1980s, as well the transfer of tax right offs to this institution. View details >>
Individual$45.00$1,350.31CompleteOct 27, 2017
18-015Please provide a copy of the Baynes Sound Connector “Muster List” for the usual emergencies. View details >>Individual$7.70$190.48CompleteOct 27, 2017
18-016The number of BC Ferries free passes in circulation for 2016 for both BC Ferries employees/families/contractors and any public members, for example, current and retired Members of Legislative Assembly.Individual$0.00$125.34DiscontinuedDec 12, 2017
18-017For Hornby Island, the net passenger inflow and outflow for each day from beginning of June to end of September from 2013 to September 14, 2017. View details >>Individual$30.30$166.59CompleteNov 9, 2017
18-018All records regarding the fueling of the Salt Spring Island ferry to/from Fulford Harbour, including but not limited to: cost of fuel per month, where the fuel comes from, how the ferry is refueled, how often the ferry is refueled, and the amount of fuel per month this ferry burns. Date range: August 2016 to August 2017. View details >>Individual$0.00TBDDiscontinuedNov 30, 2017
18-019Specified information collected with respect to the pilot project where Hornby Island traffic receives priority loading at Denman West terminal on the 8:00 a.m. sailing to Buckley Bay, Monday through Friday, from commencement of the project to present (September 27, 2017).Individual$0.00$125.34DiscontinuedDec 21, 2017
18-020With regard to travel between Tsawwassen and Swartz bay, all records in BC Ferries’ possession regarding:
  1. Reasons for or against operating ferry sailings less than one hour apart during peak periods
  2. Capacity for infrastructure regarding loading passengers simultaneously
  3. Operating cost of one ferry
  4. Capital cost of procuring one ferry for operational use
View details >>
Individual$8.00$533.72CompleteFeb 2, 2018
18-021The percentage of children passengers (age 5 to 11) travelling to Hornby in the month of July and August. Please provide, as far back in time as feasible or data is available, the percentage of passengers having paid "child fare" to Hornby in July and August.Individual$0.00$177.91DiscontinuedJan 25, 2018
18-022All scheduled and actual departure times on Route 3 (Horseshoe Bay - Langdale) for the first three weeks of the 2017 fall schedule. (October 10 - October 31). View details >>Individual$23.20$114.02CompleteNov 30, 2017
18-023Denman Island Cable Ferry Wheelhouse Log Book for October 27, 2017.Individual$0.00$68.74DiscontinuedJan 25, 2018
18-024The processing file, meaning all records associated with FOI 2018-018.Individual$0.00$266.86DiscontinuedJan 15, 2018
18-025Maintenance/cleaning/inspection records and schedules on the SOBC for April 15, 2017 for a fall that took place on Deck 6, port side A.Dinning Hunter Jackson$0.00$88.95DiscontinuedMar 13, 2018
18-0262013 Terminal Development Plan for Langdale.Individual$17.20TBDDiscontinuedSep 5, 2018
18-027I would like to know what work was started and completed on the Salish Eagle while it was recently taken out of service.Individual$0.00$64.69DiscontinuedDec 12, 2017
18-028I am requesting all scheduled and actual departure times for Route 3 (Horseshoe Bay - Langdale) from November 1 - 30, 2017. View details >>Individual$23.00$108.36CompleteDec 21, 2017
18-029The cost per round trip for the Horseshoe Bay to Langdale route, and how BC Ferries determines the charge for each round trip. View details >>Individual$0.00$226.43CompleteJan 17, 2018
18-030I am requesting all scheduled and actual departure times for route 3 (Horseshoe Bay to Langdale) from Dec. 1, 2017 to end of day Jan. 1st, 2018. View details >>Individual$16.20$109.17CompleteFeb 15, 2018
18-031Please provide information about the timing of the last contract extensions with regard to TAM and SNC Lavalin. Also please provide information whether SNC Lavalin was involved in the construction and supervision of the Buckley Bay terminals.Individual$0.00$719.71DiscontinuedApr 24, 2018
18-032I request any records (emails, memoranda, briefing notes, meeting and board minutes, risk assessments, presentations, anonymized complaints (by the public and by employees) and research) which influenced the decision-making process by which BC Ferries implemented policies which prohibit smoking on board its vessels and at its facilities. View details >>Individual$20.50$913.79CompleteMay 9, 2018
18-033Specified daily traffic data of all the ferries in the province of BC.Individual$0.00$177.91DiscontinuedApr 24, 2018
18-034Specified records with respect to a BC Ferries meeting with Colwood regarding possible passenger ferry serviceIndividual$26.70$929.97DiscontinuedJun 6, 2018
18-035Daily vehicle passenger counts and foot passenger counts for the Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay route for 2016 and 2017.IndividualTBDTBDDiscontinuedApr 13, 2018
18-036For Routes 3, 7, and 17: By fiscal year, the total ferry cancellations for any reason for the period from 2007-2017.Individual$0.00$72.78DiscontinuedMay 9, 2018
18-037Information from 2017 and 2015 for the following routes:
  • Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay
  • Horseshoe Bay-Langdale
For each sailing:
  • How full the sailing was
  • If there was a sailing wait, and if so, for how many sailings
  • What percentage of the sailing was reserved
Individual$0.00$93.00DiscontinuedJun 6, 2018
  1. Foot passenger count, per sailing, for Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen route for July, August, and September 2018 for both directions.
  2. Foot passenger count, per sailing, for Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen route for the 2017 month with the lowest passenger count for both directions.
Individual$0.00TBDDiscontinuedJul 9, 2018
19-002Email communications between any BC Ferries employees and BC Ferries President and CEO Mark Collins or other senior BC Ferries executive staff regarding safety, maintenance concerns, engineering equipment, or engineering management pertaining to the MV Island Sky from October 1, 2017 to February 1, 2018. View details >>BC Ferry & Marine Workers’ Union$0.00$148.79CompleteJul 12, 2018
19-003All communications sent between the Government of British Columbia and BC Ferries regarding the removal of fuel rebates, since January 1, 2018. View details >>Individual$12.30$220.77CompleteNov 15, 2018
19-004Data related to on-time sailings and late departures for route 19 (Gabriola Island) for the years of 2007 to current day. This data should include scheduled sailings and actual departures and arrivals from both terminals (Nanaimo and Departure Bay). View details >>Individual$22.50$101.08CompleteAug 8, 2018
19-005Total fuel consumed by the "Queen of Capilano" in 2017. Any available data on the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the Queen of Capilano in 2017. View details >>Individual$37.60$215.91CompleteNov 29, 2018
19-006Documents, supportive data, negotiations information related to Langford/Colwood/Royal Bay - Victoria ferry option considered by BC Ferries.IndividualTBDTBDOpenOct 16, 2018
19-007Request for the most recent sale information for the MV Queen of Burnaby. View details >>Individual$0.00$121.30CompleteNov 15, 2018

(List last updated: Nov 29, 2018)

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Request = Type of information requested (click to view released documents) 
Requestor = Identified as Individual, Law Firm, Media, Political Party, Business, Interest Group, Public Body, Researcher
Process Fee = Amount to be charged to requestor in accordance with Provincial legislation
Actual Cost = Actual cost to BC Ferries for preparing and providing access to the requested information
Status = Status of request: Open, Discontinued (includes abandoned, transferred or withdrawn requests) or Complete (Complete will link to records provided)
Last Updated = Date of last update to this record

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