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This page tracks requests made to BC Ferries under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for access to general information. Requests by individuals for their own personal information are not posted.

Requests are posted here following initial verification and remain for 1 year after they have closed, and then are moved to the request archive (except for requests that were discontinued).   


Requestor Process
Status Last
19-009A copy of the winning bid to: RFP# 06-01-2018 Time Collection and Crew Scheduling Software Selection View details >>Helm Operations$22.83TBDCompleteMay 17, 2019
19-010Information regarding the environmental impact of specified BC Ferries vessels on the Southern resident orca population in the Salish Sea. View details >>Individual$0.00$101.08CompleteMar 5, 2019
  1. BC Ferries’ purchase agreement for Northern Sea Wolf (MV Aqua Spirit);
  2. All surveyor reports for the MV Northern Sea Wolf (MV Aqua Spirit);
  3. All funding requests made by BC Ferries to BC Ferries Services Board relating to the Northern Sea Wolf, 2016 to date;
  4. All MV Northern Sea Wolf refit budgets, to date;
  5. All MV Northern Sea Wolf refit budget estimates (including, but not limited to, labour, parts, services, and contracts), from time of purchase to date;
  6. Operating budget of the MV Northern Sea Wolf, to date;
  7. Operating budget for the MV Nimpkish 2017 to 2019;
  8. Operating costs of the Northern Adventure for 2017 to date;
View details >>
The Star Vancouver$92.89$1,094.13CompleteJul 22, 2019
19-012Specified procurement and/or contractual records regarding marine transportation services between French Creek on Vancouver Island and False Bay on Lasqueti Island, and between and among Port McNeill (Vancouver Island), Alert Bay (Cormorant Island) and Sointula (Malcolm Island). View details >>Individual$15.80$254.73CompleteJan 14, 2020
  1. In the 2017-2018 public accounts, BC Ferries is listed as providing $13.5 million in services for the provincial government (page 449). I am requesting a breakdown of that amount by type including the amount spent on assured loading.
  2. For each fiscal year 2016, 2017, 2018, and year to date 2019, and for each route, the income ascribed to "Assured Loading"
View details >>
CTV News$0.00$97.04DiscontinuedJun 11, 2019
19-014The number of walk-on passengers for the Quadra Island-Cortes Island route and the Campbell River-Quathiaski Cove route for 2017 and 2018 on a monthly basis View details >>Friends of Cortes Island Society$0.00TBDCompleteApr 24, 2019
19-015The employment contracts for the two previous Vice President and Chief Financial Officers View details >>Individual$8.30TBDCompleteMay 23, 2019
19-016Copies of any documents, emails, letters, telephone logs, diary/journal/ daily planner entries, meeting minutes, committee agendas, briefing notes, financial statements, spreadsheets or any other correspondence or record that mention or pertain to Non-Disclosure Agreements and or the value of any payments of a settlement, for cash or other considerations, in the possession of BC Ferries and its employees and or management, between January 01 2013 - December 31 2018.IndividualTBDTBDOpenApr 8, 2019
19-017Copies of all documents, briefing/decision notes and materials and other records, as well as all internal correspondence and correspondence with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, regarding a BC ferries vessel striking a humpback whale between the dates of October 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019.Individual$0.00$274.95DiscontinuedJun 20, 2019
19-018The 2016 Terminal Network Master Plan and any updates, modifications, errata, or newer versions of the Terminal Network Master Plan to date.Individual$0.00$56.61DiscontinuedJun 11, 2019
  1. The name, title, department, remuneration and expenses for all staff earning more than $75,000 for the 2017/2018 fiscal year or the 2018 calendar year.
  2. Any remuneration provided to corporate directors and/or elected politicians, even if those individuals earned less than $75,000.
Vancouver Sun$0.00$380.07DiscontinuedJul 22, 2019
20-001The dates, exact or approximate, of specified executives’ round-trips (if any) on BC Ferries Route 55 between French Creek and False Bay in his/her executive capacity. View details >>Individual$0.00$163.35CompleteMay 28, 2019
20-002A copy of the memo sent to Chief Stewards and Second Stewards or other BC Ferries staff regarding an upcoming change in the liquor consumption and sale policy aboard BC Ferries.BC Liberal Caucus$0.00$88.95DiscontinuedOct 2, 2019
20-003The complete proposal, including proposed cost in Canadian Dollars, of the winning bidder who responded to BC Ferries RFP 01-07-2019. View details >>Individual$0.00$15.00CompleteApr 30, 2019
20-004A list of all crashes, hard landings, docking accidents or incidents of running aground, for the calendar years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, with specified information for each incident.The Canadian Press$0.00$206.21DiscontinuedAug 29, 2019
20-005The sailing times and dates where overloads were experienced on the Vesuvius/Crofton and Fulford/Swartz Bay routes (in both directions) in 2018. View details >>Individual$0.00$30.00CompleteJun 11, 2019
20-006Sailing delays on sailings from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay from December 1, 2013 to October 31, 2017 View details >>Individual$0.00$30.00CompleteJun 19, 2019
  1. A copy of the submission made by West Coach Launch Ltd. in response to the 2010 Request for Proposal by BC Ferries (RFP 12-06-2010) for the provision of Marine Transportation Services between French Creek on Vancouver Island and False Bay on Lasqueti Island.
  2. Any and all correspondence between BC Ferries and West Coast Launch Ltd., with respect to acknowledgement of the proposal, request for additional information, and decision on the contract award.
  3. Any and all internal correspondence by BC Ferries executives or other personnel with respect to reviews of the proposals to the RFP made by West Coast Launch Ltd. and by Western Pacific Marine.
View details >>
IndividualTBDTBDCompleteAug 21, 2019
  1. The serial numbers, asset numbers, colour of plastic coating and date of delivery of all cables in possession and used by BCFS
  2. Indicate which cables are presently installed, which are usable spares, and which have been discarded. Indicate the remaining service life of spares
  3. The reason why cables were discarded
  4. Whether any cables have been stressed to or beyond the elastic limit
Individual$0.00$141.52DiscontinuedOct 2, 2019
  1. The total cost of the cable exchange operation on June 27, including cost of cable delivered to Little River, cost of storage of cable, labour and equipment cost for the exchange
  2. The dollar amount of actual fuel savings by the Baynes Sound Connector compared with Quinitsa
  3. The total cost for the consumable item "cable" per year since start of service by the BSC, including installation, depreciation, and capital cost of the specialised equipment (winches, mobile on flat decks and stationary)
  4. The cost for responsibly recycling the plastic infused/ coated cables and the procedure for recycling the cables
Individual$0.00$363.90DiscontinuedOct 2, 2019
20-010Specified details regarding Article 9.03 of the Coastal Ferry Services Contract and whether BC Ferries has given notice to the Province that its operator contract with Western Pacific Marine for passenger ferry service on unregulated Route 55 is set to end March 31, 2020. View details >>Individual$8.00$133.43CompleteAug 29, 2019
  1. The per-unit cost of the cable system for the Denman Island ferry.
  2. The name of the cable vendor.
View details >>
Media$24.36$143.31CompleteNov 21, 2019
20-012Specified information regarding the cables used for the Baynes Sound Connector. View details >>Individual$49.00$323.47CompleteNov 18, 2019
20-013Further to request FOI-2020-010, please provide any correspondence between BC. Ferries and Western Pacific Marine with respect to contract expiry or contract renewal. View details >>Individual$0.00$60.00CompleteSep 11, 2019
20-014Please provide copies of all completed, or partly completed, customer service surveys that BC Ferries distributed to customers since January 1, 2019.CBC Vancouver$0.00$287.08DiscontinuedOct 8, 2019
20-015Please provide copies of all written customer complaints or comments regarding the food or meal service offered on all BC Ferries vessels, from January 1, 2019 to the date this request is received.CBC Vancouver$0.00$177.91DiscontinuedNov 29, 2019
20-016All customer service surveys distributed by BC Ferries to the public since January 1, 2019, that have been completed or partly completed by customers or the public. CBC Vancouver$0.00$214.30DiscontinuedNov 29, 2019
20-017Specified documentation, whether internally or externally generated, with respect to the provision of, or potential operation of, passenger-only marine transportation (ferry) service on BC Ferries’ regulated routes, unregulated routes, and/or proposed new routes, produced, generated or received during the period beginning September 12, 2014 to present.Individual$0.00$226.43DiscontinuedNov 29, 2019
20-018All records of expenses and ancillary costs to BC Ferries related to the voluntary beach cleanup by the corporation’s employees, under the SEAFORWARD program, during the period between July 01 and September 12, 2019. . . . Also the costs related to retrieval and disposal of the materials collected.Individual$0.00$56.61DiscontinuedDec 17, 2019
20-019Specified records related to a capital project.Theodora Oringher Law Firm$0.00$64.69DiscontinuedNov 18, 2019
20-020All scheduled and actual departure times for Route 3 (Langdale to Horseshoe Bay) from June 19 - 21, 2019. View details >>Pettit & Company$0.00$84.91CompleteNov 18, 2019
20-021Regarding the Baynes Sound Connector:
  1. From February 2016 to October, 2019, dates, times and reasons for cancellation of scheduled sailings or departures delayed by more than 30 minutes.
  2. Dates and times when sailings were disrupted by debris or logs picked up by the cables or conflict with other vessels.
  3. Dates and times when the vessel was not available for emergency sailings due to repairs and maintenance.
View details >>
Individual$58.90$517.55CompleteJan 21, 2020
20-022All records relating to communication strategy or messaging regarding any alleged assault that took place on the Coastal Celebration on October 22, 2019. View details >>CBC Vancouver$14.13$143.94CompleteDec 19, 2019
  1. For fiscal years 2013-2018, the number of transits made each year by persons using the provincial Transportation Assistance Program.
  2. The current number of BC Ferries Disabled Status ID cards that are valid for travel.
  3. Specific Disability Awareness Training that has been provided to BC Ferries staff.
  4. For fiscal 2013-2018, the number of fare transactions by route that included a fare purchased using a BC Ferries Disabled ID Card.
IndividualTBDTBDOpenNov 18, 2019
  1. Dates the 8:00 a.m. sailing from Denman West to Buckley Bay was overloaded during the work week from the launch of Hornby Island priority loading project to November 12, 2019.
  2. Gross revenue from ticket sales on the Baynes Sound Connector from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.
View details >>
Individual$22.60$238.56CompleteJan 14, 2020
20-025All correspondence between BC Ferries Services Inc. and Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena from July 17, 2017 to the present. View details >>Times Colonist$0.00$185.99CompleteDec 17, 2019
20-026Regarding RFP 07/08/2019 Unregulated Routes, specifically as it relates to ferry service on Route 55. Please provide:
  1. The number of respondents for Route 55.
  2. The names of the respondents.
View details >>
Individual$0.00$68.74CompleteDec 18, 2019
20-027Specified records related to the Northern Expedition between 2011 and the present. View details >>Individual$239.79$2,108.69CompleteFeb 27, 2020
20-028The total number of passengers that travelled on BC Ferries under the provincial Transportation Assistance Program (TAP) for each fiscal year ending 2015 through 2019. View details >>Individual$7.60$460.07CompleteFeb 26, 2020
20-029The total number of BC Ferries scheduled sailings and the total number of sailing cancellations due to adverse weather conditions per annum from 2003 through 2019. View details >>Individual$22.75$799.14CompleteFeb 26, 2020

(List last updated: Feb 27, 2020)

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Request = Type of information requested (click to view released documents) 
Requestor = Identified as Individual, Law Firm, Media, Political Party, Business, Interest Group, Public Body, Researcher
Process Fee = Amount to be charged to requestor in accordance with Provincial legislation
Actual Cost = Actual cost to BC Ferries for preparing and providing access to the requested information
Status = Status of request: Open, Discontinued (includes abandoned, transferred or withdrawn requests) or Complete (Complete will link to records provided)
Last Updated = Date of last update to this record

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