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Freedom of Information

Request for Personal Records

I am interested in submitting a request for access to personal information records in the control and/or custody of BC Ferries.

What is meant by “personal information”?
“Personal information” means recorded information about an identifiable individual other than work contact information. Examples of personal information include an individual’s name, address or telephone number.

Can I ask to have my “personal information” corrected?
The FOIPP Act provides you with the right to request access to your personal information and if you feel it is incorrect, the right to request that your personal information be corrected. If BC Ferries does not agree with your proposed corrections, you have the right to have them noted to the file.

Can I ask to have access to someone else's “personal information”? 
You may make an access request on behalf of a child if you are the child’s parent or guardian. Requests for information about a child who either is under 12 years of age in your legal care, or is in your legal care and determined to be unable to give consent, must be accompanied by proof of custody (such as a court order). Please note, a birth certificate is not proof of custody or authority.

Requests for information regarding another person, on that person’s behalf, must be accompanied by your Proof of Authority to act on that person's behalf. Please note, this office may contact the other person to verify the authorization, so a contact phone number for the person is required with the authorization.

Can someone else pick up the records BC Ferries provides in response to my "personal information" request? 
BC Ferries will release the response package to a person you identify if you provide your written consent.


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