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The FOI archive provides responses to past general information requests made to BC Ferries under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For current requests, view the FOI Tracker page.

To locate a specific request or keyword, choose the year you are interested in and use Ctrl-F on your keyboard or Command-F on a Mac to bring up a search box for typing your search request. To see or search the entire list for all years simply click on the printer friendly link above and to the right of this paragraph.

Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
19-002 Email communications between any BC Ferries employees and BC Ferries President and CEO Mark Collins or other senior BC Ferries executive staff regarding safety, maintenance concerns, engineering equipment, or engineering management pertaining to the MV Island Sky from October 1, 2017 to February 1, 2018. BC Ferry & Marine Workers’ Union 19-002 Web Response Letter
(PDF 38 KB/1 page)

19-003 All communications sent between the Government of British Columbia and BC Ferries regarding the removal of fuel rebates, since January 1, 2018. Individual 19-003 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

19-003 Responsive Records
(PDF 2 MB/48 pages)

19-004 Data related to on-time sailings and late departures for route 19 (Gabriola Island) for the years of 2007 to current day. This data should include scheduled sailings and actual departures and arrivals from both terminals (Nanaimo and Departure Bay). Individual 19-004 Web Response Letter
(PDF 68 KB/2 pages)

19-004 Responsive Record 2007-2012
(PDF 16 MB/1,272 page)

19-004 Responsive Record 2013-2018
(PDF 13 MB/1,023 page)

19-005 Total fuel consumed by the "Queen of Capilano" in 2017. Any available data on the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the Queen of Capilano in 2017. Individual 19-005 Web Response Letter
(PDF 38 KB/2 pages)

19-005 Responsive Record
(PDF 14.3 KB/1 page)

19-006 Documents, supportive data, negotiations information related to Langford/Colwood/Royal Bay - Victoria ferry option considered by BC Ferries. Individual 19-006 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

19-006 Responsive Record
(PDF 37 KB/1 page)

19-007 Request for the most recent sale information for the MV Queen of Burnaby. Individual 19-007 Web Response Letter
(PDF 34 KB/1 page)

19-008 BC Ferry Corporation committee and board minutes related to the design of new ships during the January 1992 to July 1996 period. Individual 19-008 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)