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The FOI archive provides responses to past general information requests made to BC Ferries under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. For current requests, view the FOI Tracker page.

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Request# Request Requestor Responsive Records
17-004 Specified information regarding the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project and the weekly visual inspections of the three cables. Individual 17-004 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-004 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 163 KB/5 pages)

17-004 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 224 KB/12 pages)

17-004 Responsive Records #3
(PDF 303 KB/12 pages)

17-004 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 41 KB/2 pages)

17-004 Responsive Record #4
(PDF 440 KB/11 pages)

17-006 The amount of capital costs and maintenance costs spent by BC Ferries on the Baynes Sound Connector since:
  • BC Ferries’ takeover of the vessel from the builder in the fall of 2015; and
  • the date of first service in February 2016.
NDP Official Opposition 17-006 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-006 Responsive Record
(PDF 15 KB/1 page)

17-007 A summary document listing any and all contracts (including "service agreements" or "service contracts") that have been directly awarded by BC Ferries. Please include the name of the contractor, the dollar amount of contract, a short description of services provided and BC Ferries’ rationale for direct awarding. The time frame of this request is January 1, 2016 – April 30, 2016. NDP Official Opposition 17-007 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-007 Responsive Record
(PDF 33 KB/1 page)

17-008 All scheduled and actual departure and arrival times for Route 3 (Horseshoe Bay - Langdale) on all Sundays between and including April 3rd, 2016 and June 19th, 2016. Individual 17-008 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-008 Responsive Record
(PDF 490 KB/4 pages)

17-009 Legal and other costs paid for by BC Ferries with regard to a specified civil suit. Individual 17-009 Web Response Letter
(PDF 31 KB/2 pages)

17-010 Copies of all VISORS (Voluntary Individual Safety Observation Reporting System) submissions received with regard to the cable ferry project until now. Individual 17-010 Web Response Letter
(PDF 39 KB/2 pages)

17-011 A breakdown of how much BC Ferries has spent on repairs and maintenance on the Queen of Burnaby AND the Queen of Nanaimo, as well as any related environmental impacts such as oil leaks. So all relevant records since Jan. 1, 2015, including reports, emails, memos and minutes at meetings. Times Colonist 17-011 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/2 pages)

17-011 Web Response Letter #2
(PDF 34 KB/1 page)

17-011 Responsive Record
(PDF 16 KB/1 page)

17-012 Copies of the surveys done to ascertain that the levels of radiation on BC Ferries’ ships does not exceed the levels of SC6 [Safety Code 6] when passengers are on board. Individual 17-012 Web Response Letter
(PDF 36 KB/2 pages)

17-014 The report of the July 2016 quarterly electro-magnetic scan of the cables for the Baynes Sound Connector. Individual 17-014 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-014 Responsive Record
(PDF 449 KB/11 pages)

17-015 Information and records with regard to the upcoming warranty and up-grade program for the Baynes Sound Connector. Specifically, what systems are not operating to the specification given to Seaspan? Also, what upgrades are being planned by BC Ferries outside the warranty? Individual 17-015 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-015 Responsive Record
(PDF 17 KB/1 page)

17-017 Please provide the dates and reasons, when and why the fire suppression system [on the Baynes Sound Connector] was activated in engine room 1, engine room 2 and the bull wheel drive room respectively, from the beginning of "soft" service until end of October 2016. Individual 17-017 Web Response Letter
(PDF 37 KB/2 pages)

17-018 Please provide copies of any work orders and subsequent written reports, including recordings of the cable tension readings at Denman West from June 18th, 2016 until present. Individual 17-018 Web Response Letter
(PDF 41 KB/2 pages)

17-018 Responsive Records #1
(PDF 825 KB/40 pages)

17-018 Responsive Records #2
(PDF 1 MB/40 pages)

17-020 Information and records with regard to the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project and the quarterly electro-magnetic scan of the cables. I request a similar response as you have provided to FOI 2017-004 for the scan done in November 2016. Individual 17-020 Web Response Letter
(PDF 34 KB/2 pages)

17-021 Specified traffic statistics for route 3 all Sunday 7:20 a.m. sailings from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale for September and October 2016. Individual 17-021 Web Response Letter
(PDF 37 KB/2 pages)

17-021 Responsive Record
(PDF 20 KB/1 page)

17-022 Specified data collected with respect to the pilot project where Hornby Island traffic receives priority loading at Denman West terminal on the 8:00 a.m. sailing to Buckley Bay, Monday through Friday, when the pilot project is completed; if not complete, then when completed. Individual 17-022 Web Response Letter
(PDF 33 KB/2 pages)

17-023 With respect to the Baynes Sound Connector:
  1. The dates of all cable exchanges that have taken place, including since the vessel has been in full service as well as training and practice exchanges prior to full service;
  2. Serial numbers and asset numbers of the cables removed and installed, as well as the location (south guide, drive, north guide) of the changed cables; and
  3. A list of spools of cables that BC Ferries has in its possession, including serial numbers and asset numbers.
Individual 17-023 Web Response Letter
(PDF 40 KB/2 pages)

17-023 Responsive Record
(PDF 69 KB/3 pages)

17-024 Specified information regarding Janitorial Services Tenders from August 2016. (Request for Proposal (RFP) 05-01-2016 Overnight Cleaning Routes 1 and 2 as well as RFP 05-02-2016 Shipboard Cleaning). Master Care Janitorial 17-024 Web Response Letter
(PDF 45 KB/2 pages)

17-024 Responsive Record
(PDF 19 KB/1 page)

17-027 A list of dates of cancellations or suspension of service and the duration of the same for crossings from/to Nanaimo via West Vancouver and Tsawwassen terminals due to weather conditions in 2016 until present (January 16, 2017). Individual 17-027 Web Response Letter
(PDF 44 KB/2 pages)

17-027 Responsive Record
(PDF 85 KB/3 pages)

17-028 IT contracting positions issued by IT over the most recent 6 month period (August 15, 2016 to February 15, 2017). Talent Fit 17-028 Web Response Letter
(PDF 43 KB/2 pages)

17-028 Responsive Record
(PDF 60 KB/2 pages)

17-029 With regard to the Denman Island Cable Ferry Project and the quarterly electro-magnetic scan of the cables, a copy of the report of the scan conducted in the night of December 13 - 14, 2016. Individual 17-029 Web Response Letter
(PDF 53 KB/2 pages)

17-029 Responsive Record
(PDF 544/15 pages)

17-030 Feasibility studies, reports and plans that show BC Ferries’ current thinking about the impediments or possibilities of replacing its conventional ships with cable ferries on their saltwater ferry routes. Strait Solutions 17-030 Web Response Letter
(PDF 42 KB/2 pages)

17-030 Responsive Record
(PDF 50 KB/2 pages)

17-031 Any and all records of training provided by A.G.I. Shipboard Fire Service Ltd. from April 01, 2015 to March 01 2017, to include times, dates, location where training took place, and individuals who provided the training. Individual 17-031 Web Response Letter
(PDF 43 KB/2 pages)

17-031 Responsive Records
(PDF 46 KB/2 pages)

17-032 Copy of the contract and related current information, between BC Ferries and Western Pacific Marine Ltd. to provide ferry service to Lasqueti Island. Individual 17-032 Web Response Letter
(PDF 43 KB/2 pages)

17-032 Responsive Record
(PDF 648 KB/27 pages)

17-033 Specified information regarding Experience Card discounts versus full fares for the Gabriola Island - Nanaimo route. Individual 17-033 Web Response Letter
(PDF 39 KB/2 pages)