About BC Ferries

BC Ferries' Community Investment Program

How to Apply

Requests for donation or sponsorship can be made by completing our Community Investment form.

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The following information is required to complete your request:

  • the organization's legal name and contact information

  • a description of the organization, including objectives and accomplishments

  • the contribution requested*

  • location and date of event

  • the purpose of the contribution, including the audience served and how it supports BC Ferries' identified Areas of Support

  • the expected results from the contribution

  • how results will be measured

  • how the contribution will be recognized

  • other sources of funding or other sponsors

  • charitable registration number if applicable

* Please note - BC Ferries' Community Investment program provides in-kind travel support only. No financial support is available.


Response Time

  • Due to the volume of requests we receive, a response may take up to 8 weeks. 

  • Please note the following application deadlines and decision dates:

 For requests received:    Decision made by:
 January 1 - February 28    March 15 
 March 1 - April 30    May 15
 May 1 - June 30    July 15
 July 1 - August 31    September 15
 September 1 - October 31    November 15
 November 1 - December 31    January 15

  • BC Ferries does not respond to letters or telephone calls. All requests must be submitted through our Community Investment online form.

  • Requests will be acknowledged in writing or by telephone. All requests will receive a response.