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July 25, 2017

BC Ferries Supports Wildfire Relief Effort

Mark Collins, President & CEO of BC FerriesIf you've travelled with BC Ferries lately, I'm sure you've noticed we are having a busy summer. I have been out in our network these past couple of months and have had the opportunity to see the work our employees are doing to speed our customers on their way. Thanks to the many customers who told me what a great experience they had with BC Ferries.

I also want to acknowledge our employees for their kindness and determination to help the thousands of B.C. residents affected by the wildfires. BC Ferries employees across our company have stepped up to help. Many are making personal donations and others are actively volunteering.

Corporately, we are deeply engaged with the wildfire effort. BC Ferries is providing free travel to evacuees, to first responders and charities engaged in fire relief. We are also coordinating with Emergency Management BC in case a larger response is required. Though fire has not significantly affected our area of operations, there are dry regions on the coast where fire risk is high. In some cases, our extensive sea-lift capabilities could be needed.

Last week, for example, communities to the west of Williams Lake had their only westbound road access cut off, meaning the only way in is by sea. Our Bella Coola service with the MV Nimpkish is now a vital link. We are actively examining ways we could rapidly increase our sea-lift capacity to that region, and all our regions, should we be called upon to help. I travelled our central coast this month and know that our ships, our terminals and our professional teams stand ready to help.

The experience at William Lake is a reminder that BC Ferries is essential for coastal regions. The coast is not immune to wildfire risk and BC Ferries is the largest and most capable marine logistics operator in the province. If called upon, we are ready to respond.

Our ability to help stems from the personal and professional capacity of our crews. Their training, experience and determined problem solving is what enables us to deploy when and where we are needed.

To all the people in the province affected by the wildfires - the emergency responders, the evacuees, the families and friends that are watching and worrying about their loved ones, our thoughts are with you. We are ready to support in any way we can.


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