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Preparing for Peak Season

May 4, 2017

Mark Collins, President & CEO of BC Ferries

With the first month in my new role as President and CEO of
BC Ferries behind me, and a busy summer season directly ahead, I remain focused on safety, and looking at everything we do through the eyes of our customers.

This summer promises to be one of the busiest on record, in part because the Canadian dollar is low against its American counterpart, which encourages Canadians to stay at home and Americans to visit. Lucky for us, beautiful British Columbia is a clear favourite for both.

Looking at a busy summer season through the eyes of our customers means we need to ensure we meet the travel demand while providing an excellent customer experience. We know our customers want sailing certainty, and also want to stretch travel budgets as far as possible. So our team looked closely at customer travel patterns, and as a result, we’ve lowered the price of seven-day advance reservations from $15 to $10 on reservable routes to make it easier to reserve and ensure you can travel on the sailing of your choice.

We have also announced a new promotion, lowering our fares substantially during select early morning sunrise sailings and late evening sunset sailings, on the Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island and Metro Vancouver – Sunshine Coast routes. We believe this provides an incentive for our customers to consider travelling on less busy sailings.

I’m hoping our customers see these discounted fares the same way we do – as a win/win. You can take advantage of discounted fares, and you have a greater opportunity of getting on the sailing of your choice because traffic will be better distributed on sailings throughout the day.

Regardless of what time our customers choose to travel with us, BC Ferries’ commitment to provide safe, reliable and efficient ferry service remains front and centre in everything we do. 

I’m also proud to share the news that BC Ferries was recently named one of B.C.’s Top Employers. This demonstrates our commitment to fostering a productive, motivated and engaged workforce, a workforce you come in contact with every time you travel with us. We’re proud to consider our workforce to be our strongest asset. Our employees look forward to seeing you travel with us, and we think it shows.

I hope you’ll have the opportunity to experience our new summer promotion first-hand, and enjoy the hospitality of our team. If you’d like more information about how you can save this summer, please click here for the details. In the meantime,

Safe travels,


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