Schedule in Effect:

Ships running to Denman and Hornby Island shuttle back and forth when heavy traffic conditions exist and therefore sailing times may be altered.

Leave Denman Island (Gravelly Bay) Leave Hornby Island (Shingle Spit)
7:45 am Daily Except Sat & Sun
8:20 am Daily Except Sun
9:40 am Daily
10:40 am Daily Except DC Thu (see below)
11:40 am Daily
1:50 pm Daily
2:20 pm Daily
3:50 pm Daily
4:45 pm Daily
5:45 pm Daily
6:45 pm Daily
8:45 pm Fri only
10:05 pm Fri only
7:30 am Daily Except Sat & Sun
8:00 am Daily Except Sun
9:00 am Daily
10:00 am Daily
11:00 am Daily
12:00 pm Daily
2:05 pm Daily
3:00 pm Daily Except DC Thu (see below)
4:10 pm Daily
5:05 pm Daily
6:05 pm Daily *
7:50 pm Fri only *
9:30 pm Fri only **
DC Thursday sailings will be replaced by a Dangerous Cargo Sailing. No other passengers permitted.
* The last connecting ferry to Vancouver Island is 6:05 pm daily except Friday when it's 7:50 pm.
** No connection to Vancouver Island on this sailing.