Schedule in Effect:

Ships running to Denman and Hornby Island shuttle back and forth when heavy traffic conditions exist and therefore sailing times may be altered.

The 7:30 am and 7:45 am sailings are not available on Jan 1.

Leave Denman Island (Gravelly Bay) Leave Hornby Island (Shingle Spit)
7:45 am Daily Except Sat, Sun and Jan 1
8:20 am Daily Except Sun
9:40 am Daily
10:40 am Daily Except DC Thu (see below)
11:45 am Daily
12:45 pm Daily
1:45 pm Daily
2:40 pm Daily
3:40 pm Daily
4:40 pm Daily
5:40 pm Daily
6:35 pm Daily
8:45 pm Fri only
10:05 pm Fri only
7:30 am Daily Except Sat, Sun and Jan 1
8:00 am Daily Except Sun
9:00 am Daily
10:00 am Daily
11:00 am Daily
12:05 pm Daily
1:00 pm Daily
2:00 pm Daily
3:00 pm Daily Except DC Thu (see below)
4:00 pm Daily
5:00 pm Daily
6:00 pm Daily *
7:50 pm Fri only *
9:30 pm Fri only **
DC Thursday sailings will be replaced by a Dangerous Cargo Sailing. No other passengers permitted.
* The last connecting ferry to Vancouver Island is 6:00 pm daily except Friday when it's 7:50 pm.
** No connection to Vancouver Island on this sailing.