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Engaging with Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island Communities

We want our ferries to run on time. We know you do too.

Engaging with Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island Communities

Help us improve the reliability of sailing times for the Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island.

The On-time Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island Public Engagement Report is now available!

Looking for a quick summary?
View the engagement report infographic

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Want to understand where the findings came from?
View Appendix A: Online survey results
View Appendix B: Verbatim survey comments 
View Appendix C: In-person engagement summaries of input
View Appendix D: Correspondence from stakeholders

Now that the report is complete, what's next?
We are now reviewing feedback and making schedule changes that balance public input with operational constraints to improve the on-time performance for Langdale and Bowen Island routes.

Early this fall, we will present these new schedules and report back on other key considerations noted by the community. New schedules and the report back will be available online, and informational pop-ups will be hosted onboard select sailings on Langdale/Horseshoe Bay and Bowen Island/Horseshoe Bay vessels. Pop-up events will be an opportunity for community members to discuss the new schedules with BC Ferries staff. Dates for these events will be released shortly; we will continue to keep you updated.

We would like to obtain your email address to keep you informed about the On Time Sunshine Coast schedule consultations. You will only be contacted with updates that relate to the On Time Sunshine Coast schedule consultations, unless you have separately provided your email to BC Ferries previously for other uses. You understand that the services we are using to collect your email address and send your emails are located outside Canada. Survey Monkey privacy policy. MailChimp privacy policy.

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For questions about the Sunshine Coast Engagement Process, please email ontime-sc@bcferries.com.

 Engaging with the communities.

Learn more about the engagement and decision-making process for schedule changes.

 Timing is everything.

Learn more about the considerations involved in making schedule changes.

 Making changes.

Learn more about the short and long term changes we envision.