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Freedom of Information

Request for Access to General Records

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Records Requested*
Please describe the records you are requesting.
Be as specific as possible, as this will assist the request process.
Please specify any reference or file number(s) if known.
Are you requesting access to your own or another person's personal information?
If so, please use the Request for Personal Records form.


Preferred Method of Access to Records*
If you selected courier collect, you will be asked to provide your courier company's
contact information and your account number for the collect charge.


Personal information contained in this form is collected under the Freedom of Information
and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used only for the purpose of
responding to your request.

You may make a request for access to general records without using this form,
provided you do so in writing. Including the relevant information requested on this form
will enable us to respond to your request more quickly.


Please review your request for accuracy before continuing.



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