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BC Ferries has a team of knowledgeable staff responsible for procurement, contract, inventory and logistics activities. In addition, the company blends the benefits of central purchasing, inventory and logistics with decentralized access through the use of Material Coordinators strategically located throughout the fleet, which results in the ability to leverage centralized strategies while allowing for regionalized daily maintenance.

Below is a list of contacts related to various responsibilities and/or regional areas throughout the organization.

Corporate Purchasing Responsibilities

Supply Chain General Reception - (604) 204-2221
General Email - supplychain@bcferries.com

Supply Chain Management Contacts
Name   Title Phone
Gordon Ng   Supply Chain Manager (604) 204-2229
Lena Demko    Purchasing Agent (604) 204-2221
Amit Dillon   Purchasing Agent (250) 978-1193
Leonard Nakano   Purchasing Manager (604) 204-2220
Cesar Maza   Purchasing Agent - Engine parts, Seals, Filters, Bearings and Power transmissions (604) 204-2289
Wendy Jesson   Purchasing Agent - Valves, Plumbing, Hose and Fittings, Metal, Paint and Lubricants, Non-Metallic Fabricated Materials (604) 204-2218
Hani Yousri   Purchasing Agent - Pumps & Compressors, Bearings, Filters (604) 204-2236
Doug Hunter   Purchasing Agent - Catering, Tools, Cleaning supplies, Office and Stationery supplies (604) 204-2275
Vicki Zaurrini    Purchasing Agent - Electrical components, Alarms, Navigation equipment, Building products, Textiles (604) 204-2217
Natasha Gudelj   Purchasing Agent - Safety, Furniture, Firefighting, Medical & Safety equipment, Chemicals (604) 204-2337
Alex Startin   Purchasing Agent - New Vessel Replacement (604) 204-2216
Silvia Yip   Purchasing Agent (604) 204-2337
Doris Choo   Purchasing Clerk/Administration  (604) 204-2231
Gracey Deluca    Purchasing Clerk/Administration  (604) 204-2334
Material Coordinators
Name   Title Phone
Heather Smith   Material Coordinator - Tsawwassen Terminal Maintenance, Tsawwassen Terminal  (604) 948-3544
Ricci Silvo   Material Coordinator - Horseshoe Bay Terminal Maintenance, Horseshoe Bay Terminal and Langdale Terminal  (604) 921-4243
Wendy Rockar   Material Coordinator - Little River Terminal Maintenance, Northern Terminals  (250) 890-7843
Mike Nelson   Material Coordinator - Nanaimo Terminal Maintenance, Mid-Island Terminals  (250) 244-4106
Bill Manz    Material Coordinator - Sidney Terminal Maintenance, Southern Terminals  (250) 978-1636
Corporate Inventory Responsibilities
Name   Title Phone
Evan Enquist   Manager, Warehouse and Inventory  (604) 204-2230
William Lee   Inventory Supervisor  (604) 204-2244
Alma Cabilan   Inventory Administrator (604) 204-2308
Logistics Responsibilities
Name   Title Phone
Mark Gazzola    Shipper/Receiver  (604) 204-2242
Repair/Exchange Desk Responsibilities
Name   Title Phone
Cameron Hirst   Repair Administrator  (604) 204-2248